Some shouted Stab, Stab, Stab while others Why?, Why? Why? this Halloween day

YHC thought long and hard last night what to do for the Halloween them beatdown that would different, but also fun and challenging.  Since several of the exercises were new, thanks to the F3 website exercise section, some new exercises were added.  Some promotional messages were sent on Slack and therefore 17 PAX showed up in this dark on this spooky Halloween morning to find YHC, aka Poutine-San in full Ninja gear.  It was a cool and crisp 42F which several of the PAX couldn’t figure out what that would be in metric system. The answer to that is COLD!  But that didn’t spot @sugar, @sparky, @dutch boy, @gordo and a few other crazies to still wear shorts.  But we all knew that @conchito would come with several layers since he starts wearing long sleeve with hoody plus long pants at about 70F.   When the grandfather clock struck 7:00 am, YHC gave a full disclaimer warning the PAX about some paranormal activities that might possibly occur in this dark morning. Luckily, this will be the last Saturday to workout in the dark at 7:00 since we are falling back 1 hour tonight.  Got to love those long weekend!  We moseyed to the top of the parking lot while a few other late comers were arriving.  YHC had his hands full with a phone, a JBL speaker, and huge Weinke.  Circle up for warmarama.


  1. Mummy  IC x19
  2. Frankenstein IC x15
  3. Spider climbers IC x13
  4. Gremlin IC x10
  5. Bat Wings IC x 20 + 20 sec. hold


Gut Buster station:

This almost turn into a disaster but generated some good mumblechatter and borderline heckling.  While YHC was trying to play Ghostbuster, Pandora was being very spooky and kept switching to You know I am a dreamer.  YHC didn’t want any of that but warned the PAX to save their energy for was was coming. YHC was finally able to beat the Russian hackers and play Ghostbusters.  The PAX were informed to get in plank position and perform 1 burpee every time they heard Ghostbuster.   When the PAX heard “I ain’t afraid of no ghost”, PAX do plank jacks until they hear Ghostbusters again. The song Ghostbusters is over 4 min. so needless to say the PAX got really quiet after a minute or so and then YHC called an audible to recover at about 2 min. 30 sec.

We then moseyed to the soccer field, also known this morning as the Zombie Station.

Zombie Station

  1. Zombie Walk – 20 Zombie Crunch – Zombie Crawl – 20 Zombie Crunch
  2. Killer Bees – Bear Crawl, 5 burpees, broad jumps, 5 burpees
  3. Zombie Plank Walk left, 10 squats,  – Killer Bunny Hops, 10 squats
  4. Zombie Plank Walk right 10 squats, – Killer Bunny Hops, 10 squats

The Zombie Crawl might have become the new least favorite exercise at Highland.  @dutch boy carved 2 deep lines into the turf from the feet drag, while @murdock claimed his pecker carved a very thin line and provide turf aeration.

The PAX then moseyed to the Haunted Hill where some famous Halloween celebrities were in attendance.

Haunted Hill Station 

PAX run up the hill and perform one exercise at the top of the hill and perform the second exercise at the bottom of the hill. On second round, PAX run backward up the hill. Third round, Zombie Crawl up the hill for those who want to give it a shot or simply forward run.

  1. 180 degree Jump Squats x10                  – Jason Twist x10 – 3 rounds
  2. Stabbers x 10                                           – Frankenstein Low flutters x 10 – 3 rounds
  3. Tonya Harding x 10                                  – Freddy Kruger x 10 – 3 rounds

This station provided the most entertaining Mumblechatter in a long time.  When it came time for the Stabber, @powerball inspired the PAX to yell “Stab, Stab, Stab” for every rep they were doing.  The poor dude that was walking solo in the parking lot must have been scared to death.  But things got even funnier as we performed the Tonya Harding.  PAX were swinging that steel bar while we could hear Nancy Kerringan scream “Why?, Why?, Why?.   By that time, @barrister made his appearance and ran up the hill once and had enough.  He said he could hear the Stab, Stab, Stab from the entrance of the park a solid quarter of a mile away.

The PAX were then instructed to Wosey over to the road for the Bataan Death March so @ONJ and @Sandman got a head start and headed straight for the Pumpkin patch.

Bataan Death March

In memory of WWII prisoners from Bataan in Philippine who were war prisoners to the Japanese. After their release, they walked 60-70 miles and therefore the name Bataan Death March.  The Bataan Death March resembles the Indian Run except that the last PAX does 1 burpee, then run to tap the next PAX while on his way to front of the Bataan Death March.  We kept going until the entrance of the school and moseyed for the rest of the way to the Pumpkin Patch.  Each PAX were instructed to pick up a Pumpkin (aka rock) and carry to the parking lot.  Everyone picked a decent size rock except for @murdock who picked up what was close to a boulder.

Pumpkin Patch:

  1. Curls                   IC x15
  2. Skull Crushers    IC x15
  3. Bent over row      IC x15
  4. Squat Thrusters   IC x10
  5. Chest Press        IC x13
  6. Shoulder Press   IC x13

PAX were instructed to circle up for a little Thunderstruck.  After all AC/DC type power is what fuels Frankenstein.


PAX do squat pulse and perform Jump Squat every time they hear Thunderstruck.  After a minute or so, an audible was call where PAX switched from Squat Pulse to Boxer Stance and Squat Jump.  After another minute, a second audible was called for Boxer Stances and Burpee.

MARRY – We were out of time


A humble and sincere apology from @murdock who believes some might have been offended by some of the posts on Slack.  Those posts have been taken down and he promises to scale back.  Let’s see what is the Over-Under in Vegas for that.


  • We prayed for continuous recovery for @brinkley, which was also great to see at Coffeetaria
  • Great to see @five dollar post for Last Call this morning.  It had been a while, but happy to hear you are posting at Tradition.
  • Apologies for the delay with the music this morning.  The “heckling” received was well deserved, but the punishment was returned was very much enjoyable.
  • This is as much fun YHC (aka Poutine-San) had for a beatdown in a while. The Haunted Hill shouting of Stab, Stab, Stab and the Why?, Why? Why? is providing some LOL as YHC writes this BB.  The mumblechatter was absolutely fantastic.
  • The look on @barrister face when he was coming down the hill was priceless since he couldn’t figure out what had just happed with all the Stab, Stab Stab and Why, Why, Why he heard all the way from the entrance of the park. Show to know @barrister.
  • @dutch boy won the World Championship Q belt for October with 8 Qs.  @barrister came in close second with 7 Qs.
  • Starting Tuesday, the 5:30 am and 5:30 pm beatdowns will meet at HCE while the 6:30 am beatdowns will be held at Ridge Road.  Remember that the HCE traffic will start during the 6:30 am beatdown so watch out for cars, buses, limos, horse buggy etc. during the beatdown.  Also please be mindful that we are all guests at both the elementary and middle schools so let’s give the staff plenty of room if and when they have to walk toward the school.  We want to ensure our presence isn’t uncomfortable.  Let’s also leave both places in better shape then how we found it.  Pick up trash and place in garbage cans.
  • Monday Mettle remains at the Highland Creek Sports Club at 5:30 am.
  • In November, PAX will need to step up since we have a “No weekly repeat November”. PAX will only be able to Q once a week. We know that will be difficult for @dutch boy and @barrister to contain themselves, but also a great opportunities for other PAX to pay their F3 dues.  Remember that our group is peer lead. With over 50 different PAX attending beatdowns at Highlands in a month, we should be able to easily fill the SUG.
  • @disaster invited the PAX to support the Trail Life Scout Troop who were holding car was at Prosperity Presbyterian Church from 9:00 to 3:00.  YHC had his SUV washed and great discussion with @bromance. Great to see you my friend!  We miss you at Highlands.
  • We still need 2 volunteers to run our Quadrant #3 during the January 30th Gremlin.  Let YHC know if you are interested to Co-Q with Comanche.
  • Don’t forget to set your clock back 1 hour tonight.
  • Starting Monday, the 20K challenge will shift to Merkins.  7,000 for the month. Start early and strong.
  • As always, it was a pleasure leading this group today.