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F3 MeCa | December 4, 2020

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Java the Studd

  • When: 10/23/2020
  • QIC: Sir Topham
  • The PAX: Hurdle, Squid, Gunny, Cupid, Fire Chicken, java

7 men came out to another unusually warm morning at Kannon for a little beatdown.

warmorma – 25 SSH ic, 15 hillbillies ic, 10 BDSN ic and arms circles

the thang – went to bank parking lot for some side to sides. Start on one side and inch worm merkin back to other side and then lunge walk back to other side. Then ten squats, repeat 5 times

next we went to side walk area on chestnut beside food lion for a ladder. 1 merkin and 20 WWII. Go down by two on WWII and up one on the merkin

moleskin – squid, Cupid, Hurdle and Gunny arrive early then we see a white car pull up that looks like one similar to our old leader who abandoned us for the other side of the bridge. Yup! Fire Chicken blessed us with presence and to remind us of his strength in workouts and make QIC push himself today (which honestly I was planning a lazy day for myself!). Just when I thought it would be ok….this little red sports car….um…er…I mean CRV pulls up to really just give us all the middle finger for the day. Java the stud!  He lapped us all on the ladder (except chicken) but almost!  Lol!  He did it with maybe a bead of sweat!  As he just shot talking and asking us how we were doing as he passed us. So he runs as fast as he drives that little CRV.  Thanks to the Concord guys for coming to push us and for coming to a workout lead by Sir Topham!  Cupid and Gunny much respect for the work you guys show each week!  I hope I’m in the shape you guys are in. Much RESPECT!  Always a good workout to see squid sweat and earn his name!  I think it worked today. And Hurdle was there to remind us he could pass us at anytime but after his 50 miles this week he would take it easy!!



good work fellas!!

it was an honor to lead!


Thomas DeBoyace

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