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F3 MeCa | June 13, 2021

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52 and 6 years

  • When: 10/23/20
  • QIC: Sugar
  • The PAX: Heat Stroke, Moop Dog, Soparano, Plunger, Greeter, Chowder, Sparky, Greek, Hugo, Shake N Bake, Grinder, Man Down, Col Mustard, Sugar.

6 years ago I posted at Rolling Stone for my first F3 workout. Truth be told I was hooked when I read up on it on the F3 Nation web site. I was self EH’d at the advise of a Counselor (long story I’d be happy to share with anyone over a beer or 2) and my first did not disappoint. Rolling Stone was my home for a long time but at some point I got up the nerve to branch out to MCP for a Saturday beatdown (7am version; there was a 6am version back then also) and it wasn’t long until Highlands became my second home. Not long after that, I got roped into stuffing flyers for the Skywalker launch which filled the AO gap and offered additional weekday options. Along the way there were many CSAUP events: Mud Runs, The Bear, BRRs, Time Lapse races and ruck events which created countless opportunities to meet other PAX and create bonds and great memories.
Because of that first beatdown I’m a different person than I was 6 years ago. MOST times I feel I’m in better shape and a better person in general – most times. Point is, this is a practice. No one ever ‘gets’ in shape nor are they forever a ‘better person’. There is no plateau, physical or mental. You’re either accelerating or decelerating and although sometimes (a lot of times) I’m guilty of not practicing what I preach, the only way to accelerate is to keep posting. What we do is not just about our weight and waistlines its also about the practice of being better Men and IMHO, we need to be exposed to one another in the gloom for that to happen.
So, post. Even when you don’t feel like it. Even if you have to ‘go through the motions’ when you show. Not just for you, but the Men around you.
Here’s to the past 6 and many more!


We did some stuff this morning. It was sometimes hard, most of the times fun but all of the time together.

Warmarama – the usual
The ‘Skywalker’Figure 8s’
Partner rail work
Mary – the usual

  • On October 23, 2020

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