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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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3 Minutes of Running and a Heckler

  • When: 10/17/20
  • QIC: Gunny
  • The PAX: Grandmaster, FireChicken, Hurdle, The Squid, RawHide, The Burg, Snowman, Smackdown, FNG(Heckler), SirTopem, Monty Python, G-Vegas

11ish PAX  joined the QIC on a beautiful cool crisp 40 degree morning. Man it felt good and the Q was ready to go.


SSH X 25 IC –

IST X 15 IC –

BSN’s X 10 IC –


Pretty simple: 3 min run, with pain station of 10 Merkins (Q’s count), 10 Dying Cockroaches IC, and 10 Squats = (1 cycle), Rinse and Repeat. A cycle took about 4 min.

The crew stayed together for the most part and got 12 cycles and a few bonus Merkins for Grandmaster.


A round of some special LBC’s


Prayers lifted for nation and Bruckman Family

Announcements: None


Well It was an unusual morning to say the least. It started off with Monty and SirTopem doing a pre-run but didn’t post. They were finishing up 6 as we showing up, those two are beast. We moseyed over to Veterans Park for the Warmaroma where everything seemed to go just fine. When we broke from the warm up and headed to the first stop, SmackDown and Snowman had to take off due to SmackDown’s Asthma flare up, hope your feeling better bro and hope to see you back out soon. The Q didn’t have a good idea of where we were headed, I only knew we were going to stop after 3 minutes of running. The first stop ended up at our local watering hole, Old Armor Brewing. There the Q was met with a first. As I started the count for the Dying Cockroaches one of KTown’s Urban Outdoorsman began screwing with my count. The Q has never had a heckler before and decided to stop and ask the FNG to join the group. He said he would as he lit his Marlboro. To the Q’s dismay F3 Heckler didn’t join us for the rest of the Beatdown. About 4 stops later one of the crew evidently had cabbage and beans for supper the night before and about laid the whole group out. As we reassembled to move to our next stop we noticed a nice lady sitting on her front porch smoking her Marlboro watching the whole stick show play out. Two more stops and we just happen to roll up in front of G-Vegas’s house and left him a friendly a reminder with some sidewalk chalk. The Mosey hit AL Brown, Veterans Park, and The U before heading to Mary. There was a lot of chatter with the group and even with that we still pushed it a little bit. Thanks Brothers!

As always it is an honor to lead.



  • On October 18, 2020

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