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F3 MeCa | December 3, 2020

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Does a Bear Sh*% in the woods?

  • When: 10/14/20
  • QIC: Sir Topham
  • The PAX: Cupid, Big Country, Squid, The Burgh, Hurdle, Grandmaster, Backdraft, Risky Business, Rawhide

Preblast was given on slack and 10 mighty men still showed!  Some didn’t read the preblast and that is why they showed!  LOL!  QIC posted a preblast with several words in all caps to hint what we would be doing.  TAP, BEAR, WWII, CORE KILLER, SQUAT, LADDER, KAROKE, SPRINTS

Warmorama – Mosey to eternal flame for 20 SSH IC, 15 Hillbillies IC and 10 BDSN

The Thang – Mosey to first hill behing Gem Theater for a LADDER.  10 SQUATS, BEAR crawl up hill for 1 WWII.  Ladder down 1 and up 1.  QIC called this early as it was very tough and taking much longer than expected.

Mosey to vance for more hill work.  10 Shoulder TAPS, KAROKE up hill and 10 CORE KILLERS.  (repeat 2 times)

Mosey to West Ave and start and indian run to ball park.  Picked a wall across from the ball park for 20 Incline Merkins and 20 Derkins.  On QIC count.

Mosey back to mary…..Oh wait.  QIC forgot something SPRINTS!

SPRINTS at mary around 1 section.  Sprint up one side and jog down the other.  2 times.

Mary: Stretching for about 5 minutes.  QIC was wore out!

Moleskin: Great group of guys today and hard work.  Our RESPECTS (Cupid and Backdraft) killed it as always.  Much respect gentlemen!  Hurdle took about 10 minutes to wake up and come alive and kick our butts like usual.  Rawhide said he loved bear crawls so we should ALL keep that in mind when he comes around.  It takes Squid time to get down and get back up that is the only reason he falls a little behind! I mean at the size of the guy.  Speaking of size, Big Country freaking whooped tail on the Sprints.  I am not sure what came into him.  But we were not going to rebuke it during our prayer time!  Risky and Grandmaster were solid as always…somewhere behind hurdle but killing it at their pace!  Great work fellas!

No prayers or announcements.  I think no one could talk after that is why!  So we prayed for us as men and the nation.

It was an honor to lead!

Sir Topham

Thomas DeBoyace

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