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F3 MeCa | December 3, 2020

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Breaking Stuff

  • When: 10/13/20
  • QIC: Grandmaster
  • The PAX: Backdraft, Gunny, Hurdle, Loafer, Risky Business, Scout, SirTopHam, Squid, TheBurgh, Trickdaddy,

11 men met in the gloom to get all swole and stuff. Some remembered to bring weight, some didn’t. Some borrowed weights from others. Some picked up a jug of mold from the construction yard. Once that was all sorted out, the Pax gathered in the Deck.

20 SSHs IC (while some paid attention and others kept talking)

10 Windmills IC (now that everyone was on board)

Arm circles

THE THANG: Weighted Tibata 45/15

Front shoulder raise, side shoulder raise, right

Front shoulder raise, side shoulder raise, left

Bent over shoulder raise front and side, right

Bent over shoulder raise front and side, left
Repeat all above

Curls in right arm, then left

Skull crusher in right, then left


Right oblique crunch, then left

Right shoulder shrug, then left


Right left lunges, then left

Squats then calf raises


Times up!

Return weights to wherever you found them and gather at the AO for

COT: Prayer for Jamie Bruckman, no news yet on how we help them.

MOLESKIN: YHC was hoping combining weights and  Tibata would work out and it didn’t disappoint. Most if not all pax broke a sweat, but only one managed to break a dumbbell.  It takes a pretty dumb-bell to accomplish that, Backdraft.  YHC thought he heard a few joints breaking too, but that was probably just Gunny and The Burgh. Maybe clear containers for the sand weights want such as great idea since the mold in side them was on display.

Talks for playing along, gents. Hope you’re sore and swole.

In HIS Service,




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