1 Year of the Stiffmeister

8 PAX joined YHC in the gloom for my 1 year F3versary.



Abe Vigoda

Penny Pickers

Down Dog

Mosey between each landmark

Monkey Humper Island: 15 Monkey Humpers

Gazebo: 20 MCs

Playground: 20 Ws

Dumpster: 20 Jump Squats

Shovel Flag: 20 Dry Docks

Monkey Humper Island: 15 Monkey Humpers

Gazebo: 10 Derkins 10 Incline Merkins

Playground: 25 LBCs

Dumpster: 15 Plank Jacks

Shovel Flag: 15 Low Slow Squat

Monkey Humper Island: 15 Gorilla Humpers

Gazebo: 20 Merkins

Playground: 20 Dips

Dumpster: 30 Rocky Balboas

Shovel Flag: 20 Low Flutter (fast-slow-fast)

Mosey to Tennis Courts

Burpeecides x 2


Hurricane Hoedown (8,6,4)

Homer to Marge into Low Dolly

Recover Recover

12 months ago I was the unhealthiest I have ever been. I wasn’t taking care of myself but knew I needed to. I had started running once or twice a week, but really wasn’t doing much. One of my fifth grade students invited me out to a workout that he and his dad did together, and I figured I’d humor him. Shoutout to the LKN guys at The Estate for making me feel so welcome on my initial post. I went 2 Saturday’s in a row and got this hilarious name. After look at the map, I saw that the Davis Lake AO was right by my house and the rest is history. Around thanksgiving, R2D2 invited me out to The Valley in tru R2D2 fashion saying “do you run? You look like you can sorta run”, and I ran more than 3 miles for the first time ever. Since then I have achieved so many things I never thought possible, and I owe a huge part of it to F3. Thanks to all of those who have encouraged me and pushed me to be better. ISI.

Side Note: Powerball gets credit for the initial EH…it just took me a year to return. So I guess this is technically my 2 year F3versary.