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F3 MeCa | May 10, 2021

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WFCR 8.21.2020 Edition

  • When: 08/21/2020
  • QIC: Hot Wheels
  • The PAX: Gordo, Stifler, Stash, Sterling, Landlord, Gentle Grizzly, Hot Wheels, DutchBoy, Brutus, Blowout and partial credit to Skipper who gave up on a Smoothie to join us.

Good Morning Ya’ll

It was great to see a bunch or RED Shirts get’n after it over on the Kettle Bell playground while the Coffee Runners gathered.

10 PAX met up for what I think was a very fast run today.  Watch Start fail so I’m going with a sub 7 pace….

Shout out to Blowout for the last minute add to the jukebox, Wake me up before you go go!  That’s by WHAM so George Michael…….

Leave it to Brutus to find, spot, and test drive the “Trailer mounted porta-potty”, carefull buddy, don’t lean back to far!

Funny moment of the morning comes from Gordo, who looking a Blowouts grey truck, asks Brutus, “Hey isn’t your truck blue, to which Brutus points to his truck just beyond Blowout’s and says, Yep, it still is…..”

Only at F3 Pre Dawn Humor!


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