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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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You can’t always wear flip flips to Broga!

  • When: 07/30/2020
  • QIC: Big Tuna
  • The PAX: Othello, Chum, Sanctions, Mogwai, Delta, Booyah, Silas, Tough Skins, Big Tuna

Today was a great day for some recovery stretching and broga poses at F3 Mint Hill. YHC had successfully completed moving out and selling his home earlier this week and Booyah was kind enough to switch Q’s with me as Thursday worked better after all of the hard work earlier in the week. A pre–blast warning was sent ahead last night to bring mats and walking shoes but was not seen by all of the Pax which helped with today’s BB title. YHC arrived a bit earlier than normal as he was not sure of travel time from his temporary housing with the in-laws and had time to pay a visit to one of the nice amenities at The Vet (bathroom). Disclaimer was given – don’t get hurt stretching — and don’t laugh – it has happened in the past! We made our way over to the concession stand area, dropped our mats/rollers, headed to the track for some mall walking and active stretching to get started.

The Thang

Part 1 –

Started with a walk and then moved to a variety of active stretches (toy soldiers, lunge with twist, over the fence – in and out,  etc.) as we traveled around the track and back to the concession stand. We stopped along the way for calf raises (x10, IC). We also noted that some active stretches (aka toy soldiers) are more difficult when wearing flip-flips and those pax should avoid kicking their flip-flop off and hitting someone 🙂 Back to the disclaimer — safety first — don’t get hurt when stretching!

Part 2 –

Various Broga poses including down and up dog, warrior two, peaceful warrior, pigeon, wild thing, tree, lunges, sphinx/cobra, table top, plank, reverse table top, forward fold, etc. and many more that I’ve already forgot or don’t know their name. We also added some merkins, plank jacks, toe taps, LBC’s, etc (these were done in IC).


COT and closing prayer were completed  – thanks everyone for coming out. Today’s workout was exactly what I needed to help relax / recover from moving this week and appreciate everyone who joined in. I’m grateful for F3 and all of the fitness, fellowship and faith that we share and it is greatly appreciated by YHC.


Reminder of upcoming off the books race event at Harrisburg. Great fundraiser and opportunity  to meet some fellow pax from other AO’s. Check Slack for registration link or consult with Othello.

Big Tuna

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