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F3 MeCa | June 13, 2021

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Club, Dortan Park

  • When: 03/11/2020
  • QIC: Hot Wheels
  • The PAX: 4Wide, Shooter, Guinness, Big Blue, Yellow Cake, Gig'em, Patagonia, Hokie Pokie, Hot Wheels

9 PAX participated in an eclectic musical journey of pain stations through out the AO.  A Pre Work Out Parental Advisory Warning was launched last night to cover F3 from potential damages.  I mean really, it’s just a love song…… Great to see Guinness there from my home AO!

Warm o Rama

20SSH, 10MC/10WM, 20IST, 10 Plank Jacks, 10 Low Slow Mercins, & arm rotation to loosen up .

The Thang

Mosey around the parking back to where we began to get this party started.  AC/DC Thunderstruck, Boxer Bounce in Place with a Burpee every time you here the word Thunder

Mosey around to the other side of the paring lot, set a distance of about 30 yards between the islands to move back and fourth for this next 80’s hit, TubThumper’s Chumbawamba – Lung Walk through the chorus and Bear Crawl through  ” I get knocked down”,  repeato.

Mosey to the Dorton Park Amphitheater, ( shhhh….. the neighbors don’t like the partying that goes on around here )  grab some dip apparatus  for, Imagine Dragons – Thunder, Hold in the Dip position, do a dip every time your here the word Thunder. ( including the midget voice yelling Thunder )

Mosey over to the Restroom pavilion area for Moby’s, Flower; From the Plank position, Bring Sally Dawn, then Bring Sally up.

Mosey all the way around the parking back to the dumpster for a coupon grab needed for this next hit from The Police – Roxanne  Hold rox over head and every time your here “Roxanne” shoulder press the rock.

Mosey back around to the main lot for a sweet love song, Eminem and Rhianna – Love the Way you Lie, During Rhianna’s chorus hold down Squat position, during Eminem’s Rap ( poetry readings ) do Squats – Repeato ( Rated R, Parental guidance is suggested – Language )

Mosey back around the parking lot under the lights for the Cha Cha Slide, like at any wedding, birthday or funeral you’ve ever been to, from a plank position, do the Cha Cha Slide as shown below.

The Finisher……….Queen – Bicycle, Freddy Mercury’s during the words Bicycle, hold V ( Back up and Legs Up ) during chorus.

Thanks to the PAX for entertaining my musical journey through the pain, like sweet and sour, Icy / Hot, it was fun that sucked for 45 minutes…..


Shamrock 4 Miler tires Saturday, the first of the Charlotte Run 6 packs series.

Time Lapse coming at the end of April,

Spartan Sprint coming up April 4 & 5

Prayer Requests; Diane from 4 Wide’s Office and 3 year old son, freind and F3 PAX that Guinness knows.

The End.


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