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F3 MeCa | February 23, 2020

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Remembering 17 Lives lost

YHC has had a hard time with this day most of my life, but 2 years ago it changed forever.  While Marjory Stoman Douglass was not my high school, and my kids weren’t there, it was my rival for 7 years of my childhood and my friends kids were there that day.  Its haunting when it becomes that close to you.  The other shootings at schools I had never heard of, while scary, it never quite hit home.  Seeing your town on TV nationally, your friends frantically searching for their kids, and your friends mourning the children of their neighbors is something I hope none of us ever have to see again.  So while today is a day of love, it is also a day of loss.  We remembered 17 today with all that we did.

Mosey to the lighted parking lot.

SSH x 17 – Windmills x 17 – Imperial Storm troopers x 17 – Merkins x 17

Mosey to the stadium, I heard Yellowcake yell out “the gate is locked!”  but they didn’t know that MQ has a key now!  UH OH!

Bearcrawls in the stands from the bottom to the top 17 times.

17 merkins – 17 WW2’s

Lets mosey to the steps.  I heard Pharaoh say that was a good idea, because he needed more leg exercise. (or something like that).  At the Steps I announced that Talladega would get his wish of 1-7 reps.  He growled with excitement, that was until I announced it was a ladder 1 – Mary Catherine at the bottom, 7 Burpees at the top.

Indian run behind the school, not penalty.  At the Lights that were on, we stopped and did 17 Merkins.  We continued to mosey to the front of the school where we found a nice wall.

Balls to the wall with mountain climbers, was announced and Kojak smiled.  I could tell he was enjoying this beatdown.  We ended with some peoples chair and air presses.
Mosey to Mary, and just enough time for the Pretzel crunch x17 (each side)

I appreciate Yellowcakes efforts to get 17 men to the AO today.  We fell a couple guys short, but 9 was a good number.  Welcome back Torch after his crud virus, or Beer Hangover.  It was good to have Buck back out there, I don’t think he has lost a step.  All those guys in Afton, and only 2 weren’t scared to show!  Great Job Hokie Pokie & Hop Hunter!

Thank you for coming out today and playing along.  I appreciate all the support!  Feel better Love Boat!  I hope Porto doesn’t bring back the Corona virus after his V-Day Trip!  I hope Grassy Knoll had a good time burning rubber in Michigan snow for a week!

Keep on checking out the sign up genius and find a day that works for you to Q.

Remember, if you don’t like to run and still want extra work check out some other AO’s.  The new challenge you can sign up for is the Passport.  You can go around to the 20 something AO’s and check out all that they do.  The key has always been for me to not stop coming out.  When I started I would go to Harrisburg on T/Th to avoid the Dawgs run.  Now I that I am 1/2 crazy I come to the runs, but consistently coming out got the weight down and made the runs easier.

Prayers up for Rerun!  Miss ya buddy!  Feel better. Prayers for Torch’s M’s Grandpa.  Prayers for Kojak’s sister and mother in law.



Scottie Altschuler

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