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F3 MeCa | April 14, 2021

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12 Men of Steel

  • When: 12/20/19
  • QIC: Practice
  • The PAX: Exit54, Bearclaw, Wexler, Flip Phone, Calypso, Clueless, Sheep Dog, Dr. Lecter, SS Minnow, Cowpens, Gamma, Practice

12 HIM refused to be deterred by the frigid temps and decided to take their DRP at Stallings Road Park this morning. YHC was not sure that even half that number would show up. T-claps to all. We quickly warmed up and got down to business for a traditional Tabata, kettlebell, beatdown. Here’s what happened…..


Mosey to the end of the parking lot. Disclaimer given.

SSH x 15

Monkey Humpers x 15

IST x 15


Mosey back to shelter, and after a bit of fumbling with the technology, the workout began. The Tabata cycle was set for 30sec of exercise then 15sec of rest. After the first two sets of 9 exercises, the PAX ran out and around the tennis courts.  After that, rest periods consisted of various stretching movements. The set of exercises included the following.

Single arm press – alternate arms


Over hand curl

Goblet squat


American hammer

Tricep extension

Lunge – alternate legs

Upright Row

Reverse crunch

Under hand curl

Jump squat





  • Flip Phone – Another big thanks for everyone who participated in the orphanage party. The generous monetary gifts made if possible to to help out the orphanage in ways that go beyond the joy that was experienced that evening.
  • Sign up for the Gremlin. Come out for any length of time and enjoy the fitness, fellowship and faith of F3. Volunteers are also need to play support roles for the event.
  • A number of runs are coming up in the new year
    • Idiot Run – see Exit54 or SS Minnow for more information
    • Gold Rush 5k at UNCC
    • Harrisburg 10k (supports the Harrisburg Y)
  • Conserns
    • Wexler’s friend, Bill, is facing an uncertain future in his employment,
    • Sheep Dog’s friend has a young son that was recently diagnosed with schizophrenia
    • Calypso’s friend who’s brother tried to commit suicide

Shield Lock and prayer


Always and honor to lead.



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