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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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A Rockettes Beatdown

  • When: 12/03/19
  • QIC: Guinness
  • The PAX: Hot Wheels, Titan, Royal, ONJ, Sterling, Guinness

6 overcame the Fartsack and didn’t let a little cold weather hinder their pursuit of greater levels of fitness. Here’s is how they pursued:

Mosey before Warmorama

Side Straddle Hop x15IC
Imperial Storm Troopers x15IC
Potato Pickers x15IC
Windmills x10IC
Low slow squats x15IC
Plank Jacks x15IC
Mountain Climbers x15IC
Merckens x10IC

The Thang
Mosey to pick up Cinderblocks

Mosey to wall

Donkey Kicks x20
Muscle ups x20
Cinderblock Burpees x10

Mosey to pull-up bars
Pull ups x20
Swing knee-in merckens x10

Mosey to entrance

Russian Twists
Cinderblock sit-up to stand x5 or
Cinderblock double pushes x5

Mosey to street
Alternating Squat Kicks x10

Mosey to subdivision entrance
Dips x20
Squat Overhead Press x10

Mosey to other street
Cinderblock Toe Tips x20
Chest Press x20

Mosey to Tennis Courts


Flutter Kicks x15IC
Box Cutters x15IC
Pretzel Stick x10IC each side
Airborne mind-benders

We each grabbed a little fren (Cinderblock) as a traveling companion to help us with our Beatdown. I borrowed @Royal’s cinderblock idea although,he said, it wasn’t as cold before. As we traveled with our cinderblocks and danced like the rockettes, when we did squat kicks, our little frens helped us to be stronger. Nice work by all the pax. Keep coming out! Stay strong!

Announcements: Gremlin January 18th. Run, Rudolph Run 5k and 10

Prayer: continued prayer for John Reilly’s family.


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