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F3 MeCa | July 11, 2020

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Birmingham Bad Ass

  • When: 11/29\19
  • QIC: Backdraft
  • The PAX: BD, STH, Squid, GM, Gunny, Cupid, FC, Hurdle, Hush Money

Glad to be home for a few days and visit my families, F3 and biological. I missed you guys!

Per request GM says we need to step up the beatdowms and after hearing my bitching about how bad the brothers of F3 BHam beat me down he requested a deep south thrashing!

Warm O Rama

10 Burpees (BHam staple), Ray Lewis, Willie Mays, Frankenstein

Partner Up Mosey to coupon pile and aquire a not so normal concrete coupon 1 per team. From this point on do not set your coupon down or you will suffer 820 Burpee penalty unless otherwise instructed keep it off the ground. Teams Mosey to the midpoint of New West Avenue idiot Circle.


One partner will always carry the coupon. Partners run in opposite directions to the end of West Avenue and then return until they meet. When they meet they each that’s both not shared!!! have to do 40 exercises the secomd they do 30 the third 20 the last time 10. First set of exercises with a coupon thrusters while the partner holds plank then they switch. Partners switch to coupon and run again. The next time they meet they do curls with a coupon while the other partner does Bonnie Blair’s. After both are complete they switch to coupon and run again repeating these four exercises every time they meet. Allpax push really hard the entire time we got down to the last set and met in the middle do all do the 10 together. We then gather a coupons and moseyed back to marry where the penalty was relieved and coupons were allowed to be returned to the pile.


We did a little exercise I learn call the Jack Thor which is a Jack Webb followed by a Thor we started at 1 which is Grandmaster knows is followed by two until we reach 10. Wow that was tougher than it sounds!


This was a tough workout the first time I did it it was my second one of my trip and I never thought I was going to complete it those guys really love their coupons in Birmingham but it definitely adds to the workout. Our coupons which are slightly larger make it even more difficult but everyone push through and completed the beatdown. This workout is pretty standard but I had a few more to show you guys before I’m done. Maybe it is set a new standard at least give so new ideas Grandmaster Strava shows he worked harder than normal although that wouldn’t be very hard. Squid and hurdle made it look easy is they were way ahead of the rest. Gunny Sir Topham and keep it had a team 3 which made it a little more difficult but they made it work adapt and overcome men. We had a visitor from Cape Fear hush money you probably wondered why he showed up when it first started but he showed up strong even though he had to carry Grandmaster hope to have you back soon hush money! I can tell you that traveling to other F3 groups is a blessing and they have helped me stay grounded on what could be a difficult trip and 3 is the same wherever you go the names and the faces change but the beat downs continue but it’s not just about the Beatdown man it’s about the fellowship and the love , this Thanksgiving I truly am thankful for you guys and F3 in general it has been a blessing to my life and I hope to yours it’s not you’re not doing it right get on board! Prayers were lifted up for Grandmaster and his family Fried Chicken in his family Sir Topham and his family and all packs in general and whatever they may be going through spoken or unspoken chicken strip I can tell you truly have made it effect on all of us with your testimony is we are still talking about it brother stay strong! so I’m off to Birmingham to learn some more things to kill you guys with if they don’t kill me first please pray for me as I travel.for I will be praying for you guys as well until we meet againt!





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