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F3 MeCa | July 12, 2020

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Toys to keep warm in 20 degree weather

  • When: 11/13/2019
  • QIC: Hornet
  • The PAX: Nimbus, Head & Shoulders, Silas, chum, othello, blue crush, booyah, spackler, rib shack, manbun, Hornet

As I planned my next Q , I asked myself…. self what am I going to do with this great group of men ? My last Q titled ” The Name Game”  was such a hit, I didn`t know how to beat that idea. Then visions of both of my 100 ft 6 inch round fire hoses courtesy of the Winston Salem Fire dept. popped in my head. Then I figured my favorite ab rollers and my newest toy “a big tractor tire” were exactly what I needed. But first the details:

I woke up at 4:30 AM as I was so excited about the “Pain academy” (my alarm is set to go off at 5am) . I walked outside and instantly felt the 20 degree air in my lungs… and MAN, that was a real eye opener and I knew it was going to be a great day. (actually any day you can take a breath of fresh air is a good day) . I loaded my truck with my toys and headed to Bain Elementary. When I arrived, I set up my course and at 5:30 am, 10 other men showed up and were eager to see what I had planned (except Silas, all he talked about was how cold it was). I promised everyone I would keep them warm and mentioned my lousy version of our disclaimer . We moseyed around the school and stopped for a quick warm up.

20 ssh (IC)

20 cotton pickers (IC)

we than moseyed again for a little bit and stopped to do

20 imperial walkers (IC)

20 grandpa jacks (IC)

Now that everyone was warming up , we came up to the scene of the Pain at Bain.

we gathered in the middle of the parking lot and I explained the following:

We were going to do a starfish type of beatdown.

First 20 mountain climbers in the middle of the parking lot, then run to a fun station and do said exercise 20 x. after you do 20 reps, you run backwards to center again for 20 more mountain climbers. repeat till time is called

There was 2- 100ft fire hoses laying on the ground waiting to be pulled 300 ft across the parking lot from cone to cone. This leg destroyer is always a crowd favorite . especially for my  friend Nimbus.

There was a big tractor tire with a 25 pound sledge hammer waiting to be used to beat the tire 20 X

There was my favorite AB rollers for 20 attempts.  A real stomach burner .

Use my pick up tail gate for dips 20X

world war II`s 20x under the tree

Repeat until total exhaustion or time is up.

Everyone did a great job and I actually think everyone loved the fire hoses. I promise they will be back again.

We stretched for the remaining few minutes and covered some announcements.

It is always a pleasure leading these men, It is also fantastic Head & Shoulders is working on getting back in the game and getting healthy again. My prayers are with you my friend.

The only thing missing was The Body and Toughskins, I know it wasn`t the cold keeping them away, Maybe it was Killians for The body and swimming for toughskins.




Randy Gajewski

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