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F3 MeCa | July 9, 2020

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Chilly at The Mill

  • When: 11/08/19
  • QIC: TheBurgh
  • The PAX: Trick Daddy, Fire Chicken, Scout, Gunny, Schniztel, Beef, Grandmaster, Backdraft, Catfish

10 pax who all underestimated the early morning breeze gathered in the gloom for a beat down.  All were eagerly awaiting what The Burgh had in store for them.  The clock struck 1/2 passed…….
Jog to the eternal flame for
Side Straddle hops
Cotton pickers (Somehow now named for Backdraft’s Saturday nights.  I don’t think that’s for the kids)
While flawlessly executing my cotton pickers I looked at the brick directly below me that was in memory of Charles Watkins.  Very humbled and honored to see that this morning.  Maybe a relative but maybe not but still very cool.  Thank you for your service!!!🇺🇸
Line up and Indian run down south Main Street. Turn right on Vance and another right through the new village.  Right by my soon to be favorite place Old Armor Brewery.  Ending at our stash of medal plates.   During the run I was quickly reminded that Friday is a non run day. I then immediately reminded everyone that I was QIC and they were soft.  Nobody really cared but I felt good about it.  🏃🏼
Everyone was instructed to grab a plate and run down to the parking lot for more whining and complaining.
The first set consisted of one man maker then run to the first line for 10 total Apollo Ohno’s.   Back to the first line for 2 man makers.  Repeat the suicide to the next line for Apollo Ohno’s  then return for 3 man makers.  Complete all the lines and round one is in the books.
The second set consisted of 2 curls then run to the first line for 10 squat jumps.   Run back to the line and increase the curls by 2.  Repeat the suicide until all the lines are complete.  Round 2 in the books.
The third set consisted of 2 bent over rows then run to the first line for 10 side straddle hops. Increase bent over rows by 2 each time and you get the point.   Round 3 in the books.
The fourth set is 2 over head press then run to the first line and complete 10 lunges.  Increase over head press by 2 each time and you get the point.
The fifth set was 10 Freddy Mercs in cadence run to the first line and quadrophilia back.  Complete the Freddy Mercs again then finish the suicide and you get the point.
Some of this may be out of sequence but at this point I am a few drinks in.  Whatever bro’s….
We then needed to return our plates and mosey back to the AO.
Prayers for our brothers who we haven’t seen in a while.  Congrats to Grandmaster and his M on an anniversary.  My beautiful wife and I will be celebrating 15 this upcoming week.  Prayers for TP and his wife.
It was a pleasure today men.  I know there was some ribbing and complaining but it’s all in fun and everyone was giving it their all.  We need to remember it’s not important what AO has the #s or where men post.  It’s only important that men post.  Reach out to someone we haven’t seen in a while.  Recruit an FNG!!
Until next time…..

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