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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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Light Post BeatDown

  • When: 08/14/19
  • QIC: Gunny
  • The PAX: Grandmaster, BackDraft, FireChicken, The Squid, Sir Topem, Chick Strip, The Burg, FNG Jack, FNG Reed

9 PAX joined the QIC, posting on this warm humid early August summer morn. To everyone’s surprise The Burg pulled up with a Clown Car who included two of his M’s sister kids, FNG Jack age 12 and FNG Reed age 14. It was a weird morning because next this 1982 Buick Regal Century with a woman with long hair pulled up. To our surprise those beautiful locks of hair didn’t belong to someone’s grandmother, they belonged to our own Chicken Strip. After a head count and the disclaimer we moseyed to the Ring of Honor for Warmaroma.




Cotton Pickers X 10 IC


PAX Moseyed back towards the AO for a light post Beatdown. The sprawling metropolis of Kannon is fortunate to have a plenty of light post to light the sidewalk, so the Q decided to make use of them. Backdraft was excited to hear this because he was looking forward to Grandmaster doing a pole dancing exercise. So this is what happened, no pole dancing was involved.

Every 3rd pole the PAX did an exercise once you got to the end of “Rollers BLVD” rinsed and repeat until time called.

Exercise 1 – 10 Core Killers

Exercise 2 – 10 single count Merkins

Exercise 3 – 5 each leg Standing one leg donkey kicks (don’t know the F3 name)

Exercise 4 – 10 IC LBC’s

Most PAX completed 2 rounds which ended up being about 2.8 miles.


No Time For Mary


Prayers lifted for Earl Adams family, Earl, CFD Recruit Class 44 member with Gunny, passed away last week and the funeral is today.


It was great to see a good crowd this AM, especially with 2 FNG’s. YHC is not calling anybody out, G Vega and Rawhide, but 2 FNG’s that are not as old as some of the YHC’s shirts posted while on summer break and visiting from out of town. HMMMM. Oh and BackDraft why were you so slow this AM, that is BackDraft mention 2. The good news was Sir Topem is no longer infectious with the Nicaragua Pink Eye and The Squid is relieved. One last thing, thank you FireChicken for kicking off the Kannon AO 2 years ago as it’s first MQ.

As always it is an honor to lead.



  • On August 15, 2019

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