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F3 MeCa | December 11, 2019

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  • When: 8/15/19
  • QIC: Homeland
  • The PAX: Mayweather, Private Ryan, Tombstone, Popeye, Indy, Lil Shute, Skinner, Psycho T, Deertick, Mos, Hurdle, Phidip, Freshcut, Spud

Never underestimate the power of testosterone.   15 tried to dodge Skinner’s Hills, but ended up with something maybe worse.  

Quick warmup

Mosey to Atrium parking lot



Arm circles 

Cherry Pickers – yeah, you heard right

The thang

Grab rock at rock pile and circle up at lower ASEC Parking Lot

Like the old rotary phone, PAX rotated around the dial on each exercise, 15 reps each

On each rotation a different PAX rotated into the center and called the exercise.

2 stations on the dial were designated for hill running and pull ups.

Continual rotation until Mary.


Things got out of hand quickly as each PAX didn’t want to wuss out with a lame call.  So we covered the bases.




More Manmakers

More pushups



And some other stuff in between…

You can judge the effectiveness of a workout by the amount of chatter.  There was no chatter.  In fact, Q had to threaten burpees if PAX didn’t keep calling the rep count.  I’ll admit it was tough for me to catch my breath.  This was a killer.

Great job today, PAX didn’t disappoint.  New guys got a short taste of the Q experience while Indy the Wise let us all know we all smelled and gave us all some good hygiene tips.  

Strong coffee turnout with visits from Anvil and Exit 54, fresh off Skinner’s Hills. Although some seedy topics of discussion from Spud and Mayweather turned some heads at Starbucks and ran off Private Ryan’s pastor.  

Pleasure to lead.  I look forward to F3 each day.  


Bay City Roller

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