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F3 MeCa | April 20, 2021

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  • When: 6/20/19
  • QIC: Motown
  • The PAX: FNG Camden-Zebra, BabyFace, Brutus, Big Tuna, MorningWood, Motown

7 PAX including an FNG arrived for a beatdown at the Gunnery today.  Due to our hard work of “ALWAYS BE ‘CRUITIN” FNG-Camden showed up for some morning fun and tour of the Gunnery.


Mosey over to the bus lot


Side lunges 10 each side IC

Air SQUATS 20 each IC

Monkey humpers 10 each IC


Mosey to the front of the bus lot

Suppline pullups overhand 10 each, then 10 Merkins – 2 sets each

Suppline pullups underhand 10 each, then 10 merkins – 2 sets each

Mosey around to back to the hill

Quadrafelia up the hill, then 20 air squats.

Run back down, then 20 air squats – 3 rounds each.

Peoples chair, hold for 30 sec, then arms out front for Mamo-grabby or Moracan twist (whichever you prefer), then arms up for air presses – 2 rounds of this……the pax really liked the mamo-grabby😁😁!

Mosey along the back far side of the Gunnery to the picnic area for some….

Abyss merkins and Dips 10 each IC – 2 rounds.

2 sets of box jumps 15 each

Mosey around front back to the shovel flag


Superman – banana

Plank hold 30 sec

Oblique crunches 15 each side

Crunchy frog 15 each

Russian twist 10 each

Disclaimer given post workout!


Let’s welcome our newest pax!

Camden Banner that will be forever known as ZEBRA………

Gentlemen it’s always an honor for me to have an opportunity to lead you great group of guys!



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