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F3 MeCa | September 21, 2019

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Return of the Eagle’s Talon

  • When: 06/14/19
  • QIC: Buffalo Bill
  • The PAX: Sparky, Grinder, Greek, Dodger, Ambassador, Bull, Soprano, Dirty Martini, Drop Cloth, Pony Boy

11 men ditched the fart sack this fine Friday morning for the return of the Eagle’s Talon. With no rain and temps at an unseasonably cool 55 degrees, YHC couldn’t ask for better conditions. Disclaimer was given and off we went down the hill.


Circle up at the 4 way stop

  • 15 SSH
  • 12 IST
  • 9 CP

The Thang

  • Run to the bottom of the first hill – 10 burpees
  • Run to the bottom of the second hill – 20 jump squats
  • Run to the bottom of the third hill – 30 merkins
  • Run to the bottom of the fourth hill – 40 LBCs

Repeato for 3 rounds

Mosey back to parking lot for Mary


  • 15 low flutter – IC
  • 20 mason twist – IC
  • 15 low dolly – IC

The Moleskin

  1. YHC forgot how terrible…I mean fun this workout is.
  2. A few of the PAX called an audible after the first round and moseyed back to the parking lot for a cinder block workout. After the second round I think the rest of us envied their decision.
  3. Lots of action in the parking lot today. A dump truck arrived as we started Mary and requested half of the PAX move their cars to he could empty his truckload of sand in the parking lot. There was a joke made about YHC never seeing this much action in a parking lot…
  4. Always a pleasure to lead and work with such a great group of men! Let’s do it again next month!
Buffalo Bill

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