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F3 MeCa | September 23, 2019

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Grinder Day

  • When: 06/09/2019
  • The PAX: Dropcloth, Peanuts, Sparky, Dutch Boy, Alcatraz, Barrister, Tootsie, Charmin, Poutine, ONJ, Kleanup, Skipper, Sully, Hot Wheels, Disaster, FNG (soccer guy)

16 MECA’ns (and one FNG for part of Mary) from various AO’s gathered at Mallard Creek Park on a muggy Saturday morning for some fun.  YHC did not quite know what the beatdown was going to be and decided to stay with a safe one given the meteorological uncertainty.  The disclaimer was given and extended to galactic absolution of liability.  After that we took a short mosey toward the lower parking lot past the bootcampers with high knees, butt kicks and Stoli skips before circling up for:


  • SSH x20
  • Hill Billies x10
  • IST’s x10
  • Plank Jack x15
  • Cotton Picker x15
  • Merkins x15
  • Windmill x15


The PAX was asked to get in teams of 3 for a series of Grinders around MCP.  YHC is not exactly sure if these are actual Grinders since research on the Internet did not have a single definition of what an “Exercise Grinder” or “Bootcamp Grinder” is.  The most frequent definition has to do with Navy Seal training but those descriptions did not sound like what I had in mind.

Our first Grinder stop was near the bottom of the parking lot and went something like this – One of the 3 partners stayed on the sidewalk and did CDD’s, the 2nd partner went to the other side of the parking lot and did LBC’s.  The 3rd partner did lunges from the CDD side and relieved the partner doing LBC’s who ran back to the start.  This sequence was repeated 3x.

After completing the first stop the PAX did a Native American Run to the fence by the road entering the park.  There they completed the second Grinder stop consisting of Dips/Incline Merkins on the fence, squats past the speed limit sign and the timer doing a bear crawl from the fence to the squatters.  Repeat sequence 3x.

After a 10 count the PAX did another Native American Run to the parking lot behind the school.  The last Grinder stop consisted of People’s Chair/Arm Press against the school wall, pull ups and the timer running between the stops.  Again, the sequence was repeated 3x.

After another Native American Run to the rip rap rocks the PAX each grabbed a piece of granite and circled up for a series of PAX led exercises including curls, bus driver, rows, skull crushers and chest presses from the ground with a shift to the left after each exercise.

Rocks were returned to their resting places and the PAX lined up for a Native American run back up the hill to the wooden fence for 20 dips.  After that we slow mosey’d back to the parking lot starting point for Mary.


  • 20 – 4 count Mountain Climbers (YCH misinterpreted @Poutine’s instructions for the 30 Day ABS Challenge so we did an extra 10)
  • 20 WW2 Sit Ups OYO
  • 10 – 4 count Freddy Mercury’s
  • Various stretches



  • Good work by all the PAX on this humid morning.  Looks like big rain is coming in later today.
  • @Poutine fell victim of an inconsiderate pet owner stepping in it at the start of Grinder stop 2.  YHC almost followed suit doing his first bear crawl.
  • Lots of good mumblechatter during the workout.  Must not have been hard enough.
  • Nice getting some new faces for the Saturday beatdown.  Welcome @hotwheels and @peanuts.
  • @Skipper was EH’ing a FNG who showed up early for his soccer match.  He ended up doing part of Mary with us and participating the COT.
  • Congrats to LTC@Skipper for his retirement from the Air Force Reserve and thanks for your service.

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