YHC’s 5-Year F3iversary

10 men, including a few visitors from Highlands and an FNG, Brian Inch, formerly known as Super Fly, joined YHC to celebrate five years of F3.  It’s been an absolute pleasure to be a part of F3 Nation and grow alongside all of you over the past five years and I look forward to many more years of continued growth.  I can’t thank @Hammer enough for getting this true #SadClown to post the first time and all of my brothers who have held me accountable and provided the motivation to keep coming back.

After some brief self-reflection, pleasantries and a nice, thorough disclaimer we got to work.  Here’s how things went down.  Parkour mosey around parking lot to our standard warm-o-rama spot where Kotter/FNG Super Fly joined us.  We spend the next 43 minutes having little fun but getting to know Brian a little better while doing so.




Low Slow Squat X10IC

Merkins X10IC

Windmill X10IC

Cotton Picker X10IC (YHC may or may not have called for windmills again and did CP’s instead…..  Oops).

Mosey to the flag poles in front of school for The Thang:

Modified Triple Check

Partner up.  Partner 1 runs the teachers lot loop and serves as the time while partner two does AMRAP burpees, donkey kicks, and monkey humpers (or an alien form of them that YHC does). Partners swap roles after each loop, alternating between running and the three exercises.  Once you have run three loops and done all three sets of exercises, REPEATO ALL.  Crowd pleaser.

Mosey over to Hate Hill.  Bear crawl up to first light pole and run back down to the bottom.  Lunge walk back up to first light pole and run back down.  Burpee broad jump back up to first light pole and run back down.  The bear crawl and BBJ sucked for sure!

Mosey over to the trailers and grab a cinder block.  15 CB shoulder presses, 25 CB chest press, 15 CB skull crushers, and Colt 45’s w/ your block.  Put the blocks away and mosey back to our MARY lot for some MARY with a little running involved.  Two pax at a time take off and run the parking lot loop while the rest do ab work.  LBC’s, reverse crunch, low flutter, low dolly, pretzel crunch, mason twist, and homer to marge were all knocked out before we finished.

Aged Moleskin

  1. Getting old sucks.  Doing so with others makes it worthwhile.  EH someone and give away the gift of F3!
  2. Thanks to @chicken coop for letting me hijack his Q today for selfish reasons.  True #HIM right there.
  3. Sully is leading at MCP today (thanks to this BB being LATE).
  4. Highlands is celebrating 7 years on Sat. May 4th.  Go to MCP to celebrate with the MeCa OG’s!
  5. Welcome FNG Brian.  I’m sure we’ll come up with a great new F3 Name for you between now and next week!