Post Easter beat down

14 got up to picture perfect weather…
Mosey to Belk parking lot:
SSH icx20
TP hamstring stretch
Arm circles
The Thang:
Indian run around mall, back to Belk parking lot:
2 minute plank
One arm plank – right arm up.
One arm plank – left arm up
1 minute elbow plank
2 cycles of Interval sprints between light posts in Belk parking lot
Repeat planks sets as listed above
Mosey back to rock pile. While half is planking, other half does tunes curls, presses, and skull crushers with rock. Then the 2 halves swap
Mosey around to shed:
Freddy merks
Mosey to pull up bar. – set of 10 each
Another set of planks as listed above.
Various stretches.
It didn’t go unnoticed to the group that Jester posted on Slack that he would be here, then no showed. But I don’t think he caught much grief when he posted the next day. I guess people are still being polite.  Coffeeteria was great as always.
Another great start to the day