LMU – you know who it is!

Warm-up:  Mosey to bum wash:  circle up

SSH x 20

Mtn climbers x 20

Arm circles

Runners Stretch

40 dips

Mosey to bottom of new shiny parking deck

Thang:  3 stations 

OYO with 12 of the following at each station.  After completion of station run up deck to next station.  When done at top run down mineshaft

Level 1:  


Carolina Dry Docks

Level 3:  core



Level 5:  legs

Air Squats

Lunges (6 each leg)

Repeat till time called.  5 or 6 total loops completed.

Mosey to Mary 

1:05 elbow plank

Down dog / Cobr-updog

  1. M-Skin:  Solid dozen men.  Humidity was with us even though Mayweather wasn’t.  Group was pretty quiet this morning other than Ace talking about his desire for new high top Vans sneaks.  Think we should all go in for his birthday and get him some size 14 skate shoes.  Also W/O backdraft the great present we were a bit lost.  At coffee pretty much all we talked about was how much backdraft we need in our lives. (Lots and Lots, you can never have enough BD!!) We also discussed whether or not Grover is scouting the English landscape for new landscape ideas.  Q was glad his schedule allowed him to lead after getting voluntold.  Where were you Homeland?Great to see El Ab back at it this morning.  Great to see Hipbone crushing it after getting healthier.  Luther, Hops, Hip and Ace lead the pack.  2.38ish miles covered.


Anvils wife’s Boss Barbara and their family Guy Meyer lost in a plane crash