Dont worry Bro, there is plenty of rubber!

What a way to start the week for 9 of the strongest Highlanders who got together this beautiful morning the day after Jesus has risen!  Thankfully the PAX were there early to help YHC setup the mobile Mettle gym, or Mettle gem as some might call it.  Following the owl start sound, disclaimer was given and we then moseyed to round about and back while performing high knee skips and reach as well as carioca.  We then circled up for……….


  1. Line Hops IC X15
  2. Mummy IC X14
  3. Prisoner Squats IC x13
  4. Plank-arena X5


Partner 1                                                                   Partner 2

  1.  Sled Pull  (125#)                                                 -Sled Push (225#)
  2. Tire Flip                                                               -Tire Flip
  3. Battle Rope Barrister Squat position                  – One arm Battler Rope Plank position
  4. Tire Pull                                                              – Lawn Mowers
  5. Med Ball Straddle Hops                                     – Med Ball Squat & Toss
  6. Tire Press                                                           – Tire Press
  7. Sandbag Tarantulas (30#)                                 – Sandbag Tarantulas (50 pds)

Partners perform each exercise for 90 seconds before rotating to the next one.  After completion of all 7 exercise, we moseyed to round about and back.  The Partner 1 perform exercises of Partner 2 and vice versa for round 2.

After completion of round 2,we moseyed to round about and back to……..


  1. Partner Med Ball Sit up – 90 seconds
  2. Partner Med Ball ball pass – 45 seconds clockwise then 45 seconds counterclock
  3. Stretching from downward dog to hand next to leg right side then flap jack to right side.



  • Prayers for the people in Sri Lanka affected by the horrific act terrorism the day Christ was risen.  We still have a long way to go to make this world a better place, and each one of us has a leadership role to play when it comes to sharing good morals and values.
  • Great to see @slappy and @buffalo bill back to Mettle.  The beatdowns are much better with you guys there.
  • YHC is glad we got to break in the new sled!
  • Shout out to @dropcloth and @illuminati for running to and from Mettle. Rumor is that Poutine’s Mettle beatdown are not hard enough to the need additional exercises.
  • We still need 3 PAX for Time Lapse on May 17 and 18.  Please sign up or spread the word.
  • Trail Life USA Meeting April 23rd for PAX and their boys ages 5 – 17. Trail Life USA is Christ-centered Scouting like program.  Meeting is at 7:00 pm at Prosperity Presbyterian Church – 5533 Prosperity Church Road – in the gym.
  • I know the PAX love the feet locking partner Med Ball sit ups.  It gets us all closer together!  Don’t worry Bro, there is plenty or rubber!  LOL
  • YHC’s partner (aka) imaginary friend was pretty quiet except for when he sounded the alarm every 90 sec.
  • Thanks for the PAX to help with set up and take down.

As always, it was a pleasure leading this fine group this morning!  I hope you guys enjoyed it as much as I did!

Have a fantastic week!