Celebrating the Ups AND Downs in Life!

7 fine looking men (and backdraft) showed up for what they knew they might regret!  Everyone showed up excited for burpees and what was to come with the pre-blast stating life having ups and downs!  This morning we celebrated the ups and downs!

Waiting…..waiting…..welp, no Chicken Strip so we moseyed to open parking lot for warmarama.

Warmarama – 20 SSH (IC), 20 IST (IC), 20 Mountain Climbers (IC),  Arm Circles (AKA Grandmasters since he was a no show) and 10 Cotton Pickers (IC)

The Thang :

  • 5 Circuits up and down Oval St.  Top of Oval Street down to Goldston St (5 burpees at the bottom at Goldston and back up to top of Oval St for 10 Squats) Rinse and repeat for 5 circuits.  
  • 3 Circuits up and down Goldston (First level off section) – Quadrofelia up Goldston and jog back down to Oval. Rinse and repeat 3 circuits.
  • Mosey back to Mary for final up and down.

Mary: Ran up 3 flights of stairs and jogged back down to level 1.  Finished with stretching.


I keep hearing about this thing called GOMR that has hills?? So I thought we should celebrate the Ups and Downs in our life while at the same time giving these men a good leg workout.  I chose a dark street because I thought Grandmaster and his glorious white arms and legs would light the way, but he didn’t show…..so instead Backdraft and his “ray of sunshine” attitude was their to guide the way instead.  Somehow the QIC was still blinded by some headlights and fell like a rookie!  All was good as I am sure I am going to need ice on the foot.  *Cough, *Cough, *Clear throat –  I guess I am out for the GOMR!  In all seriousness it was a good leg day and impressed with all the guys and the hard work put in with the hills.  It’s an absolute honor and privilege to work out with you gentlemen and call your friends.


No prayers mentioned specifically so we uplifted the guys (present and not) to continue to be strong leaders within the community and their families and also prayed for G-Vegas and his wife who is soon expecting.

Honored to lead today fellas!

Sir Topham