A Workout Unlike Any Other

15 PAX joined YHC on a perfect clear 50 degree morning to hunt birdies.  This is how it went down:


Mosey from OCT to big parking deck by way of Market street for some flatter surface and a better view of Concord’s big new parking deck that continues to beckon.

Run up stairwell to 4th floor of deck for

  • Slapjacks x 18 IC
  • Mountain climbers x 18 IC
  • TP hamstring stretch x 2
  • Arm Circles

Then mosey one more flight of stairs for THE THING:

Run down stairwell to each floor, taking the ramp back up after each level for:

  • 40 LBCs on 4th floor
  • 30 Carolina Dry docks on 3rd floor
  • 20 squats on 2nd floor
  • 10 core killers on 1st floor

Pax also found YHC’s well maintained strip of putting green on the open air 5th floor, as typically seen in judges chambers on network TV courtroom dramas.  Said putting green offered salvation in the way or rep reduction or rep elimination: An 8 foot putt meant the reps for that round would be halved, and a 15 foot put meant rep elimination for the round.  Whole group needed to be present to putt, so those who arrived to the green early did 20 merkins.

We got through 2 full rounds plus 2 more putts before time was called, with the last put determining how we would descend the deck and mosey back to:


Down dog to runners stretch, all we had time for.


Great group, good chatter, mostly centered around our group’s lack of putting ability.  Got in 2+ miles, 90 percent of it uphill.  True to expected F3 Concord form, nobody attempted the short putt, with pretty much everyone overrating their abilities and missing, often badly.  Among the misses, Look Me Up’s putt went about halfway to the hole, BCR’s putt was returned to sender, and Psycho T’s putt ended up around the other side of the deck after making sure that he would not see the same fate as LMU.

Props to Neverland who kept the PAX from a shutout and skipped the second round of core killers.  Grover led the charge per usual, and YHC wanted to make sure the six kept up, hence not starting the next round until all pax were present. At least PR worked off his bourbon hangover enough to post.  Skinner was initially disgusted with yet another deck beatdown, but by the end had nothing but sparkling praise for the Q.  All got a good burn and some solid sweat angels were created.  Good to see Custom post and since being named, Jester is infinitely outposting his brother.   Keep on comin.  Good work guys.

No prayers or announcements spoken aloud, but we’ve all got plenty to be thankful for and plenty to pray for. Solid coffeeteria. Thanks to you all for keeping me at the races.



“Everything is hard before it is easy” – Goethe