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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Tabata Atlas

  • When: 04/15/19
  • QIC: Forgotten Jelly
  • The PAX: buckwheat, ace ventura, mr. mcfeeley, hammer, ranger, forgotten jelly

At first there were two, 15 minutes in we doubled. Throw in the 2 pax running in the hood and we had 6 Comanche pax doing something. Little better than last week, but still not enough. Guys need to post!

Quick warmup between me and Buckwheat (at this point there was still 2 for Atlas; Buckwheat was deliriously exhausted because of the newish puppy in his house)

The thang
Tabata workout with 45 seconds on, 15 seconds off for 6 sets. I treated the first four exercises as power sets. We did one set of an A exercise follow by one set of a B exercise for a total of 3 sets each. The first pair was the following:

Pair 1:
Curls (A)
Tricep extension/skull crusher (B)

Pair 2:
Chest Press (A)
Pullover (B)

We were almost finished with pair 2 when Ace Ventura and Mr. McFeeley graced us with their presence. Apparently they had to drop off their kids for some field trip at 5:30.

Pair 3:
Curls (A)
Tricep extension/skull crusher (B)

Pair 4:
Chest Press (A)
Pullover (B)

We then did 6 straight sets of goblet squat high pull and then 6 sets of farmer’s carry (3 in the right hand, 3 in the left).

– Thanks for posting this morning Buckwheat, Ace Ventura, and Mr. McFeeley. Hammer ran in to drop off the flag and Ranger ran past us a few times. Nice work gents.
– Shirt order is up and ready. Order something ASAP if you want in on this:
– Need to start posting again gents. You won’t get any stronger by sleeping in.

Forgotten Jelly

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