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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Giddy Up

  • When: 4/9/19
  • QIC: Private Ryan
  • The PAX: Mayweather, Spud, Skinner, El Ab, PT, Cupid, Luthor, Fire Chicken, Gooney, Backdraft, Ace, Daly

65 and humid.  13 showed.  Proliferation of sweat.  Winter made a mad dash and took spring with it, leaving a mid-summer morn.


Mosey to nuclear reactor

20 SSH’s IC

15 Mtn. climbers IC

Runner’s stretch. (Q provided uninformed advice on how to improve effectiveness, resident expert (El Ab) accurately questioned validity)

Arm circles


Mosey to brain doctor parking:

15 low squats

10 diamond mercks

Mosey to Calvary Lutheran hill:

Burpee (with shoulder tap) / core-killer ladder.  10 at top, 2 at bottom, etc…

Mosey back to AO, the long way.





The humidity made an ugly entrance after a 5 month hiatus and gave a gentle reminder of what’s to come.  That said, all gave a great effort as this was a gasser with lots of mileage in a 40 minute window of time.  3.5 miles to be exact…with lots of elevation gained and dehydration earned.  As all the great Q’s do, I let the PAX get disjointed, separated, and in some cases left alone for miles.  I tried hard to follow our motto, “no one is left behind if everyone is left behind”.  To that end, I appreciate everyone’s efforts to pick up the rear and bring in the final wave of runners as a team — well done fellas.  Prayers for Trick as he makes his way back to the States – looking forward to having you back out.

Thanks for allowing me to lead.



Bay City Roller

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