what the hill was that

9 pax took off from the parking deck on a balmy 63 degree morning.  We ran to the bottom of Elm St via Oval St stopping on the way to knockout 25 SSH ic (much to Backdraft’s chagrin) at this point YHC explained the route once for the group and a second time for Grandmaster.  We started the route and about halfway through the first lap what is that I see? It looks like a flashing multicolor disco ball… Nope it’s Chicken Strip who (surprise surprise) showed up late and through part luck and part his quest to run every hill in a 100 mile radius found us… And our final count of 10 was established.

The Route

Run up Elm St to Loop Rd turn around run back down turn on to Goldston St and run to the bottom of Goldston St then run back up Goldston St to Oval St, turn around run back down turning on Elm St and running back to the bottom Elm St.

Repeat till time is called


Great group this morning, the warm temps brought out a good crowd, the humidity made everyone sweat. Chicken Strip gave his GOMR prediction(Last Place) happy to see he has a positive attitude. Firechicken fresh off his trip to Arizona explained to the pax about the weather there and how great it would be to live in the low humidity.  Not sure if the weather this morning contributed to this opinion. Gunny and Red Oak looked strong this morning powering through the hilly route despite not running the GOMR  Sir Topem Hat, Hurdle, Firechicken and Backdraft led the way this morning.  Can’t say enough about Grandmaster and his progress dude has a great attitude and the drive to back it up.


Thanks for the accountability and letting me lead not sure I would have showed this morning if if it you guy.