Kannon Cup

YHC had originally planned for a deck beatdown and based on the rain this morning it was a good call. 5 PAX rolled in to join YHC for competition in another Kannon Cup. Numbered Legos were chosen at random, with @SirToppamHatt picking the lucky pink one (or so he thought). Two second place finishes in a row for YHC, surely there won’t be a third?





Mosey to the third level, circle up for short disclaimer and some warm up:



-Cotton Pickersx15IC

-arm circles (YHC left those out last time and heard about it)

Take the stairs back to level 1 (street entrance) to start the Thang:

-P1 runs the ramp, P2 runs stairs to 2nd level then runs back down ramp to meet P1 then both complete the designated exercise. Partners find the nearest stairwell and go back to level 1, repeat same exercise to level 3, 4, 5, 6 (flap jack running stairs and decks);

-round 1 – 5 burpees

-round 2 – 10 merkins

-round 3 – 15 jump squats

-round 4 – 20 LBC

-round 5 – 25 mountain climbers

Time called around 0611! Circle up for some Mary (after all the chatter was done):

-low flutter x20IC

-homer to marge x 5 (gender confused)


Congrats to Kannon Cup champs @Catfish and @Gunny as they had made it to mountain climbers when all others were lost in their dust. It’s no secret that YHC likes to incorporate a bit of running into his Q’s and the PAX kicked ass. Guess YHC needs @Gunnys formula of ½ cup coffee, ½ cup Ensure before the next Kannon Cup. Well done men and great job by all! It was “once again” an honor to lead.


During the beatdown several of us encountered a very angry/disturbed/unstable individual who obviously wasn’t expecting company in the stairwell or was there for other reasons unknown. He threatened @SirToppam and had some unpleasant things to say to others. Don’t know what his problem was but the PAX handled it well, looked out for each other and he eventually sought another area for refuge. Would’ve been unwise for him if he chose the physical side of it and the Cop in me wanted to confront him. Just glad we (and he) came out unscathed. Always keep your head on a swivel and have a plan of action in your mind for occasions like this, you never know when it’ll be upon you. With that being said, preparations will begin for YHCs return yet again to challenge for the illustrious (or elusive) Kannon Cup. Thinking I at least need a participation trophy?