The Reverse Run Run Rudolph….Kinda…A lesson in disrupting the status quo

This morning’s run was fun and we had 8 Pax with the usual R2D2 sighting for about the first half of the route.

The route was a mystery until launch in which YHC said it would be the RRR route in reverse, kinda. The Pax took out and it was soon confirmed that pax not having a route posted in slack beforehand definitely disrupted the status quo. Many questioning the route, and even YHC took a slight deviation to the route. Luckily there was a lot of good mumblechatter and a great run was had. The blue light Sterling showed up for the last bit of the route with a suspected late arrival of Blowout and Laser. Close to the end, 2Step spotted some headlamps darting around in the trees which turned out to be Laser and Blowout going full CSAUP running trails in the dark.

Prayer for 2Step and Hotwheels as they head out “April This Friday” to Ghana.

Route – Reverse RRR…kinda