Sick…is what it was

On March 19th the Davis Lake AO MQ graciously offered to step in and Q for YHC.  Since then, YHC has been battling some crud that kept me out of the gloom for a couple weeks.  On said date, said MQ opened his backblast with a statement that included “since Laser is “sick” again”.
Well, two weeks later and after a solo Pre-Run, YHC joined 4 other PAX in the gloom, which DID NOT include the MQ.  Maybe he caught what YHC had or maybe it was fartsackitus.
Regardless, YHC was back to share the pain and deliver another sick beatdown.  It went a little something like this:
SSH x 10 IC
WM x 10 IC
IST x 15 IC
CP x 15 IC
Mosey to David Cox
Sister Mary Cathrine x 15 OYO
Monkey Humper x 10 IC
Mosey to Sugar House
Run to each Island and complete the following:
20 Merkins
30 LBC
40 Air Squat
Repeato x 3
Suicides to Sugar House wall:
First line – Lunges x 15
Second Line – Merkins x 10
Bear Crawl up hill for BTTW push ups x 5
Second Set:
10 SSH
10 Merkins
Bear Crawl up hill for 5 Mike Tyson
Indian Run back to AO, stop at entrance of ‘hood’
Absolution x 10 (tried IC but should have been OYO)
Mosey to clubhouse for MARY:
Low Flutter x 20 IC
Rosalita x 15 IC
Susanne Summers x 15 IC
Praise for Meola’s G-ma healing
MeCa Gun and Poker night tonignt
MeCa HDHH tomorrow at 26 Acres
Davis Lake HH next Tuesday at 7PM at Hawthorne’s
Laser – OUT