Respectus Maximus

Well here it is finally someone did not say anything it’s been ready for days waiting to be posted and waiting on someone not to mention it finally today’s the day Grandmaster didn’t flap his gums about it .

5 Pax arrived one just on time! I’ll let you determine which one that is four of which were respects yes 4 respects and one hate! It was a chilly morning but BD had a workout that was sure to please, as he always does he brings the pain, in the best beatdowns you will ever attempt to complete but rarely will!

Warm O Rama (plead for mercy) no disclaimer because I am the best the greatest the one and only BD!

Mosey to the deck of perdition! Circle up for SSH, IST, Hillbilly, and monkey humpers.( loafer was so excited to do these he almost peed his diaper)

Thang (impuning of pain)

10 hip slippers, Team up partner 1 completes 3 burpees, partner to backpedal up the ramps, partner one after completing burpees Sprint’s to partner to tags out, partner 2 complete 3 burpees while partner one does the back pedals all the way up two level five, 10 preachers cjakr toe touches.

Rinse and Repeat until Mary or Death, whichever comes first.

Mary, Thank BD for his greatness!

No time 0615.


The workout was quite a beat down if I must admit it myself chicken strip and Biddy were Partners chicken strip was near his Merlot point. We added 10 exercises to the hip slappers in the toe touches due to waiting on the team of red oak gunny and loafer wondering where they were. Apparently loafer couldn’t keep up with the work out and was doing burpees when he was supposed to and when he wasn’t supposed to causing the workout do it twice as long and also traveling to the 6th floor instead of 5th. All is well as long as you were there accounted for and paying your penance, unlike a few to remain nameless Fire Chicken Grandmaster and G Vegas! Who were apparently scared of the great BD’s masterful plan of pain.

It was a wonderful workout with a great group of men prayer concerns for mention and lift it up to the Lord our thanks was given to him for the opportunity to be together and deserve him until we meet again it was an honor!