Prostates & Pickles – None Were Harmed!

YHC signed up for this Q to force myself to get up and work out on a Saturday as it’s been a while since I did so.  Considering I was supposed to run the Craft Beer Half Marathon today, I figured there was no better place to Q than #Mineshaft, the best AO in all of MeCa which just so happens to be where the Craft Beer Half was taking place.  Injuries, laziness, and occasional vaginitus flare ups all derailed my half marathon training this winter.  With that said, I just couldn’t allow those things to derail me and cause me to fartsack my Q today.  YHC showed up with 8 minutes to spare and several pax were gathered in the parking lot.  @AstroVan showed for a pre-run but decided to stay in his car when no one else showed.  That’s a straight up @Buckwheat move right there!

I had a plan to visit the stadium and quad in front of stadium today, but while driving in this morning I decided to do something completely different and go a different route for an on-the-fly beatdown instead.

Here’s how things went down.  Mosey out of lot and make a left, a direction we rarely go.  Up to the top of the hill to a random building parking lot for warm-o-rama:


Tempo Merks X10IC

Tempo Squats X10IC

Windmill X10IC


The Thang:

Light Pole Suicide- Starting at the top of the hill and going down, stop at each light pole alternating merks and LBC’s, increasing rep count by five progressively.  Started with 5 merks then 5 LBC’s at the next pole, then 10 merks, 10 LBC’s all the way up to 30 of each. Oh yeah, we had to trek back up the hill after every light pole. When finished, we moseyed to the Greenway entrance for 10 burpees. @Deuce was NOT expecting those from YHC. Surpise!

Bear Crawl approx. 25 yards and stop for some MARY.  Low Flutter, Low Dolly, Rosalita IC.  It was here where a discussion of prostate exams started and it was all downhill from there.  Started a mosey toward the rock pile stopping for planks and/or squats while waiting for the six.  YHC saw a bridge with railings and wanted to try plank walks, but the railings were a little too wide.  As YHC can’t talk and run at the same time, I waited until we got to the rock pile to share a moment of weakness where I was violated unexpectedly by a doctor only to be handed a tissue and told “clean yourself up!”  Some things you just never forget…..  #Showtoknow for additional details.

Grab a rock.  15 Rock Shoulder Presses, 15 curls, 15 Goblet Squats, 15 Triceps Extensions, and 30 chest press.  Mosey to parking deck across from the Pavillion.  Starting at the bottom floor, run up the stairs stopping off on each level for 5 burpees.  #CrowdPleaser. Run down lot and back toward our vehicles.  YHC spotted a loading dock with pallates, so we detoured for some worm burners across the lot.  Partner 2 did WWII’s while waiting for partner 1 to make it across the lot.  Partner 2 then pushed the pallate back to the dock while Partner 1 did WWII’s.

Mosey back to vehicles for some brief MARY (Pickle Pounders x10IC).  Hey, we can’t talk about prostates without pickles!  Fortunately, no pickles were harmed and no prostate violations occurred today.  However, I was worried something might happen with all the mumblechatter about it.  Good thing I gave a thorough disclaimer!

Tired Moleskin:

#Kobains for the two-day late BB.  Super busy weekend.  It was a pleasure to lead, thanks for following me around!

Guns and Poker Night, Tuesday, April 2.  Range at Lake Norman.  Sign up!

It was great to see you @Triple Threat.  It’s been too long!

It was great to see the usual suspects as well.  Sorry to hear that @Deuce will be moving and joining F3Denver soon :-(.  Hope all goes well with the house sale and move, brother!