Backstreet’s Back at the Mill

Seven LARGER THAN LIFE men decided to stop DROWNING in the fart sack, take their CHANCES and answer THE CALL for a run.  Some pax were INCONSOLABLE when they realized who had the Q, but EVERYBODY decided to GET DOWN to business and go for a run to NO PLACE in particular on the backstreets across the tracks from our AO. Some guys tried to complain but I’m the Q and I WANT IT THAT WAY, so that’s what we did.  Here’s how it went down:

At 5:30 we QUIT PLAYING GAMES and ran to Main Street and took a right to head south. Left on Loop, under the bridge to left on Old Centergrove, left on East F St, Right on Southeast Ave and Left on East E St up to Ridge.  At this point we began a serpentine path between Ridge Ave. and Rose Ave. At the north end we turn right down 5th St. Left on Ross Ave to Jackson Park Rd/Loop Rd.  YHC had his days confused and started off across Jackson Park for the hour long run but turned back to the inside of the Loop for the shorter route.  Continue west under the bridge to Loop Rd and left on Biotechnology Ln., left on Laureate Way and right on Research Campus Dr. to the AO.

At this point, I JUST WANT YOU TO KNOW that I thought that I was DROWNING and that was ALL I HAVE TO GIVE, but the studs felt that the run was INCOMPLETE decided to GET DOWN another 0.4 miles around the horseshoe so they could cover over 5 miles.

COT: Prayers for David, Hurdler’s future father-in-law, who has cholesterol build up in his brain, and for a family member of mine with family trouble.


I can’t believe that less than a year and half ago, I was much BIGGER and my fitness was going NO PLACE, but now THE SHAPE OF MY HEART and my body have changed. IN A WORLD LIKE THIS its good to know I have comrades to workout with and even when I don’t want to get out of bed I STILL come CRAWLING BACK TO YOU for encouragement and a beat down. You guys truly are LARGER THAN LIFE. WE’VE GOT IT GOIN’ ON.

In HIS Service,