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F3 MeCa | June 4, 2020

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Set them down gently….

On this last Friday of the month 14 of the mightiest Dawgs came out to play along with YHC.  As the pre-ruckers and YHC were finishing up the cars just kept rolling into the lot.  The moon beam hit 0530 so off to moseying we went.  Things went like this……….








Tennis courts:  3 rounds of 10 pullups and 20 WWII’s


Cinderblock suicides:  Carry your block(or ruck) to the next parking line and do the designated exercise and reps.  Leave your weight there and run back to the start and do the designated exercise and reps.  Run back to your weight and overhead carry it to the next line and decrease the reps as called by YHC.  Keep this up until you reach the other end of the parking lot.

1st round:  Squats.  Start with 30 reps and decrease by 5.  Do 5 burpees each time at the start.

2nd round:  Curls.  Start with 20 reps and decrease by 2.  Do 10 CDD’s each time at the start.



Crunchy frog

Dying cockroach


Count-off and Name-a-rama





–Spartan Sprint April 7th.  There’s a F3 MECA team so sign up.


Prayer requests:

–Berlin’s father for healing after back surgery and for his mother also.

–Spauldini and Talladega’s co-worker after the loss of his brother

–Turbine’s M’s friend Lori after her cancer diagnosis

–To all the new drivers out there after Buck’s son got his license



–Thanks to Torch, Uecker, Talladega, and not sure of the 4th for playing along after they got their blocks traded for rucks during the 2nd round.  Torch was so stoked he grabbed YHC’s ruck for the mosey back to Mary.  That’s the first step total immersion.

–And if Torch would’ve stuck around for about 5 more minutes he could’ve gotten a random ruck that was just lonely lying in the lot.  Luckily the owner finally claimed it.

–Berlin apparently turned into Hulk after the first round as he completely obliterated his block.  He says he dropped it but after he did double the reps during the first round he must’ve not known his own strength.  The 2nd round he was reminded to treat the blocks gently.

–There was a Pharaoh sighting at Coffeeteria.





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