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F3 MeCa | May 15, 2021

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Wheelbarrows of Pain & The Jelly Challenge Minus Jelly….

  • When: 03/07/2019
  • QIC: Buckwheat
  • The PAX: Blind Date, Opie, Sizzlean, Robin's Nest, Bollywood, Pongo, Ace Ventura, Avalanche, Missing One :-(, Buckwheat

The Comanche Slack machine which is ALWAYS quiet suddenly heated up yesterday after it was announced that YHC had the Q today.  Not in a good way, though.  People were asking who I was after I missing a week while nursing an old age injury (pulled hammy during FLAG Football practice)  UGH.  There were talks about bringing a wheelbarrow out to cart YHC’s old, FAT carcus around for 45 minutes.  That, no doubt, would be a solid beatdown.

When I signed up for this Q, I planned to run everyone to death since we do very little running at Comanche and there was a recent call to make our beatdowns harder.  However, that plan was derailed when I pulled my hammy Sunday.  #GettingOldSucks!  So…..  All that talk of wheelbarrows yesterday gave me a bright idea.  Here’s what went down.

About 10 cars were in the lot when I pulled in, but only a few Pax.  It was the Ruck crew who decided to use our AO this morning, but they were too good to join us for a beatdown.  Being the kind gentleman that I am, we moseyed down the hill of darkness toward the Rucktards headlamps to see if they were planning to join us only to be told NO.  Thus, we moseyed back up the hill for a little warm-o-rama which included SSH’s, IST’s, Merks, CP’s, & Windmills.

Last night, Jelly texted to remind me of HIS challenge to all Q’s to incorporate 25 plus burpees into all beatdowns this month.  YHC hates burpees and jokingly told him F that before telling him that I would incorporate some.  Jelly must’ve had a vaginitis flare up in the night as he “didn’t sleep well” and couldn’t make it out this morning as a result.  After he put that out on Slack, I HAD to tell the pax of our text conversation and then do some burpees just to say we did and tell Jelly all about it.  That we did, along with a few merks, squats, and a bunch of ab exercises.

A short mosey across the street to the high school occurred.  @Sizzlean was on fire this morning sending some good zingers at YHC.  To quell that, we stopped for 5 burpees before proceeding band lot painted as a football field.  5 more burpees.

The Thang:  Partner up w/ someone of similar size.  Partner wheelbarrow 100 yards, 10 yards at a time.  Stopping for mainly ab exercises every 10 yards.  We did  LBC’s, pretzel crunch, WWII’s, Low Flutter, Rosalitas, Bobby Hurley’s, V ups, Reverse Crunch, Squats, and Planks.  We also did 5 burpees around the 50 and at 100 yards.  Coming back, we did partner fireman carries 10 yards at a time for 100 yards again completing random exercises every 10 yards. 10 more burpees by the time we were finished.

Mosey back to elementary school stopping for 10 incline merks on the curb, 10 decline merks on the curb, and 20 calf raises.  Once we got back to our primary stomping grounds, we stopped for 5 decline merks IC on the bottom rail of the wooden fence, followed by 5 merks IC on the middle rail.  Someone called for Balls to the Fence, but YHC didn’t fall for that.

Mosey back to our MARY lot where we did some reverse crunch, mason twist, and homer to marge.  Our Rucktard NanTan joined us thereafter to serve his pain penalty for the monthly Q challenge.  The Comanche Pax took it easy on him and decided to do his 100 reps of J-Lo’s and Dancing Bears with him.

Mumblechatter flowed freely today.  Enjoyed that, evening though most of it was at my expense.  Jelly’s too….

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