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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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Upright Rows are Hilarious

  • When: 03/07/19
  • QIC: Jimmy Buffett
  • The PAX: Jimmy Buffett, Life Alert, Love Seat, Manwich, Marie Calender, Schnitzel, Steel Cannon, Stretchy, Sugar, Ty Webb

5:30 and YHC tells everyone to plank it up because everybody knows I enjoy a good plan session. Disclaimer given and immediately into merkins in cadence.

Recover into Al Gore for a bit followed by some tempo squats.

Let’s mosey. Yup, it’s clear we are making it up as we go at this point. Circle up over at HRMS for the rest of Warmarama. Some world war 2 sit-ups, cotton pickers, windmills and finally side straddle hop. But SSH with a twist of course. We did a 10 count incadence. Paused, then YHC explained, we will count the first 5 reps in cadence then the next 10 in cadence, but silently. All stop together or we do it again. Naturally, we did it again. Thanks Life Alert. Successful on second attempt though.

Move to one end of the parking lot. Start with bear crawl, flip to crab walk and proceed to end of lot. Life Alert announced 10% discount on rotator surgeries that would be needed after this.

Across the parking lot a couple more times except with power skips, bunny hops and broad jumps all mixed in there.

Grab a rock or larger size and circle up again. Exercises included shoulder press, curls, tricep extensions, chest press and skull crushers. Mosey around the near light post after each set and rotate around the circle to a new rock. Also mixed in there were some upright rows. YHC missed the complete mumblechatter but Sugar, Marie Calender and a few others were laughing quite hard in the midst of it all. I did hear Heatstroke’s name come up, that’s usually pretty good for a laugh in itself. Lunge walked with the rocks to the light post, decided the upright rows were so much fun we should do them again. So we did. And then lunge walk back.

Over to the front of the school for a series of dips, step-ups, derkins and incline merkins. Round 1, 5 of each. Round 2, 10 of each. Round 3, 15 of each.

Indian Run back to home base for Mary

  • LBCs x 25 IC
  • Homer to Marge cycle
  • Plank bombs/circle of pain (?) for the final minute

Recover, Recover

Announcements / Circle of Trust

  • No announcements.
  • No spoken prayer requests but we all have things in our lives that need the Lord’s watchful eye and healing hand.


  • Not my usual well planned Q but thought it would be fun to mix things up a bit. I have Q’ed a good share of workouts but will always be nervous about the wrath/love projected within the mumble chatter. Always a pleasure to be a part of this group and see what nonsense we can all come up with when its 27 degrees and dark.
  • Speaking of temperatures: Sugar has always proclaimed 30 was his cut off for shorts vs pants. Let’s just say he needs a new weather app.
  • Steel Cannon thought two hats were necessary this morning.
  • Marie Calendar had more gloves than I was able to count.
  • No dress code enforced around here. Show up; engage in some fitness, fellowship and faith; and be a better man for it.
Jimmy Buffett

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