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F3 MeCa | May 22, 2019

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February Kannon Cup (even though it’s March)

  • When: 03/01/19
  • QIC: ReRun
  • The PAX: Firechicken, Gunny, Backdraft, Grand Master, Hops, Loafer, Sir Topam, The Bird, Rerun

It was that time again, 9 dedicated Pax showed up with their A game to battle for the Cup. Temps were pleasant in the mid 50s, ground was wet but no rain so YHC opted for the horseshoe. Numbered Legos were used to pick partners and off we went:

-Mosey to traffic circle where YHC was asked not to endanger lives in a traffic lane so we gathered around the flagpole:

-SSH x 15IC

-IST x 15IC

-Mountain Climbers x 15IC


Mosey back to brick sidewalk in middle (bottom) area of horseshoe unaware of a large mechanical lift blocking almost the entire sidewalk (were able to work around it):

The Thang:

-partners complete 5 burpees, run opposite directions on horseshoe to middle sidewalk at top then complete 10 patty cake merkins.

-1 partner remains in plank while other runs to traffic circle for 15 WWIIs, flip flop

-partners do 20 squats each, run opposite directions back to start, do 25 SSH each then start the process over until time is called. No Mary today.

Firechicken and Sir Topham were the A team and even completed an extra set of 20 dry docks based on YHC’s typo on the instruction sheet. Well done men and congrats! 2nd place was once again occupied by YHC and his partner Hops which means another Kannon Cup Q in my future.

This workout was a gasser with a large run element and no downtime except for holding about a 1 minute plank. The Pax worked hard today and should be proud for their efforts, YHC sure is. Thanks for giving me the opportunity to lead, and like Arnold said in the Terminator, “I’ll be back”.





Kirk Schultz

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