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F3 MeCa | May 21, 2019

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Seven-and-a-Half or Eight Out of Ten

  • When: 02/16/19
  • QIC: Deuce
  • The PAX: Chi Chi, Drop Kick Ace, Mr. Robot (FNG), Othello, Deuce

Five pax ignored the rain and posted at the Mineshaft anyway this morning.  Luckily for them, YHC had a plan that included keeping everyone dry…well, the only plan was to keep dry…everything else was thought up on the fly.


Mosey to the Cone Deck.

  • SSH x20
  • Windmill x15
  • Cotton Picker x15
  • Merkin x10
  • Plank
  • Mountain Climber x10
  • Plank

The Thang

Mosey around the cone deck then out into the rain to Colvard Hall.

Elevens Ladder (This was a smoker. Those stairs are no joke.)

  • 10 Merkins.
  • Run up and down the steps to the other side.
  • 1 Burpee.
  • Run up and down the steps to the other side.
  • Repeato until 1 Merkin and 10 Burpees.

Mosey to the top of the stairs.

  • Crunchy Frog x15.
  • Low Flutter x10.
  • LBC x25.

Then we made a figure eight around the top deck doing: Lunges, Bunny Hops, Bear Crawls, Broad Jumps, Crab Walks, and Reverse Lunges.

Mosey to the Waterfall Park.

  • Dips x 20.
  • Incline Merkin x10.
  • 20 Step Ups each leg OYO.
  • Decline Merkin x10

Then we had a little misadventure where we Bear/Army Crawled under an architectural oddity on Rowe Hall until we ran into too much Goose poop.

Mosey back to Colvard.

  • Balls to the Wall
  • People’s Chair
  • People’s Chair with Air Presses
  • People’s Chair with Leg Lifts.
  • 20 Donkey Kicks OYO.

Mosey back to the Cone Deck.

  • Bunny Hop and Broad Jump all the crosswalk stripes (this is long) twice.


  • Low Dolly x10
  • Box Cutters x10
  • Homer-to-Marge
  • Rosalita x10


  1. Two FNGs in two weeks! Whoo Hoo!  Thanks for coming out FNG Mr. Robot, and thanks for coming back out Chi Chi.  Good work out there guys!
  2. For the record, Mr Robot only gave the workout 7.5 to 8 stars out of 10 for difficulty.  I can tell you at least the elevens ladder was a solid ten.  Can’t wait to see what Mr. Robot brings when he starts to lead. Look out!
  3. Othello crushed it as usual, and Drop Kick Ace gave it his all while chiming in here and there to call me the meanest dad ever.




  • On February 16, 2019

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