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F3 MeCa | August 19, 2019

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Giving the neighbors something to talk about

  • When: 02/09/19
  • QIC: Shooter
  • The PAX: Turbine, Huggy Bear, Hokey Pokey, Four Wide, Opie, Dr Suess, Amway, Dial-Up, Moolah, Rerun, Audit, Shooter

A total of 12 fine men came out to Dorton Park to give the Afton residents something to talk about.  An additional 2 came out for a pre-run and 3 for a ruck around Afton.  YHC signed up for the Q mid-afternoon on Friday, with not a long thought out beat down on tap.

Here’s how it went down:


  • A repeato from Q’s Dawg House Q the previous day to start it out:  SSHs (15 IC), Hillbillies (15 IC), Finkle Kicks (10 each leg OYO), slow Cotton Pickers with a reach to the sky (10 IC) and arm/shoulder circles with some Michael Phelps.
  • A stop by on the bridge, spacing out the pax so we didn’t collapse it while doing 15x shoulder ups on the bridge rails. Props to Concord Parks & Rec for reenforcing the bridge rails.

The Thang

First stop was a circuit around the playground equipment:

  • 10 pull ups on the bars
  • Climb into the gym set and bear crawl on the deck, through the tube and down the slide with an optional weeeee…..
  • Run to the shelter, 10 step ups
  • Down to the swings, grab one, lean back and 10 arm pulls
  • Over to the big tree and 10 WWIIs  (repeato)

Second stop, a short mosey to the soccer field, circle up and give the Afton neighbors a show:

  • A sort of game of duck, duck, goose while the pax did monkey-humpers. Everybody played a duck for a full round.
  • Next, pax lined up in a row in a plank position, spaced about 2′ apart and the end pax frog jumped everybody to the end of the line. Two times down and then back in reverse.
  • Lastly, inspired by my FNG post at Kannon by the Q, Guinness, the tunnel of love.  Each pax did their best to get in a very arched plank position while we crawled through the tunnel of 11 and then back in reverse.
  • What were the Afton neighbors thinking as they at their scones and sipped their coffee.

Third stop, off to the tennis courts we go:

  • A game of four corners ensued with 10 reps on each corner consisting of merkins, WWIIs, star jumps and LBCs.  Carioca in between corners on the long runs, quadraphelia’s on the short runs.
  • Over the concrete wall for a repeato of Guinness’ Wednesday post:
  • 15 x donkey kicks, 30 seconds of balls to the walls, 45 or so seconds of peoples chair and some volley ball blocks on the wall x15

Fourth stop, the pavilion next to the courts:

  • Grab a picnic table: 10x dip, 10x incline merks, 10x decline merks, and 10x Russian kicks.  Props to excellent Russian Kick form by Hokey’ski, Pokey’slav.  Depart with an Indian run back to Mary.

Mary consisted of a little Al Gore, followed by some stretching to wrap up the morning.

Prayers / Announcements

  • All of the pax doing the Fellowship of the Idiots up to Morrow Mountain and back
  • Ally Davis, 14 year old from Concord, beat cancer two years ago but sadly it has returned. She is at Levine’s right now with stage 3 Hodgkins Lymphoma
  • Guinness and his family as the celebrate the life of his niece Lydia.

Remember each other and if you haven’t seen somebody in while, send them a text, call, whatever to check in on them and give some encouragement.

It was an honor and pleasure to lead this morning!


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