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F3 MeCa | August 18, 2019

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Wait a minute…is the grass burnt?

  • When: 02/05/19
  • QIC: Thick Burger
  • The PAX: Babyface, Big Tuna, Brutus, Deuce, Father Mulcahy, Morning Wood, Motown, Thick Burger

Fresh off the polar vortex that swept the region a week ago, 8 pax arose to some unseasonably warm weather in The Village. QIC gave the disclaimer, and we’re off! LET’S DO THIS

Mosey around the parking lot to find a good spot to warm up

SSH x 20
Windmill x 10
IW x 10
Merkins x 10

Mosey over to the soccer field for a round of 7s
1 dip…run to the opposite side of the field…6 merkins…run back
2 dips…run…5 merkins…run back
***at some point, Deuce snuck in late and joined us***

Finish the round of 7s and let’s mosey
Arrive to the kidney center parking lot and grab some coupons. Time for another round of 7s
1 bicep curl…run to the end of the parking lot…6 merkins…run back
2 curls…run…5 merkins…run back

Finish the round of 7s and let’s mosey
Arrive to the back of the middle school. Guess what? More 7s
1 merkin…run the the end of the parking lot…6 sumo jump squats…run back
2 merkins…run…5 sumo jump squats…run back

Finish the round of 7s and let’s mosey back toward the YMCA entrance.
Get to the entrance and AYG sprint up the hill and over to the picnic shed

LBCs x 20
WW2 x 10
Pretzel crunch x 10 (each side)

1. I missed the story about what happened to the grass on the soccer field. It appeared that the whole thing went up in flames recently.

2. Boondocks shenanigans…Deuce took off leading the way on one of the moseys and we tried to turn and leave him. Somebody wasn’t in on the joke and called back for him.

3. Nice communication by the pax to avoid the cars cutting through the school parking lot to exit the neighborhood.

4. Not your typical Thickburger-led beatdown. I’m trying to implement more running in my workouts. Today was easily a record for me

5. Thoughts and prayers to our pax in Lake Norman

Thick Burger

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