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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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  • When: 02/02/19
  • QIC: Luthor
  • The PAX: total package; hipbone; Private Ryan; frostbite; spud; Look me up; homeland; Luthor

8 weekend warriors showed up on a chilly morning. I felt this one the rest of the day.
Mosey to power plant:
SSH icx20
Hillbillies icx15
Arm circles
Cotton pickers icx10
The Thang:
Mosey to parking deck:
At bottom of stair well:
10 merkins; 10 V ups;
Run up stair well to the top and back down;
Run up ramp to stairwell door on second level;
10 merkins; 10 V ups;
Run up stairs to the top and back down to second level;
Repeat so on and so forth.
Heading up ramp on the bottom 2 levels was done quadromania.
Once on top deck, head down stairs and start over.
After some time. Mosey long way around mall back to rock pile.
Each grabbed wall block.
Curls x20
Over head press x20
Skull crushers x20
KGBs with block icx20
Mosey to Mary:
Circled up and went around circle as each PAX lead a core exercise.
Variety of stretches
Great way to start Super Bowl weekend. All got 2 cycles done in the parking deck. Frosty, P Ryan, and Homeland got some extra credit.
Look Me Up corrected Q that the pavers at the rock pile are NOT pavers, but wall blocks. Please take note.
Most made it to coffeteria, though it was shortened for most as weekend activities needed to commence.
Always a great start!

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