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F3 MeCa | December 6, 2019

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Time with TP

  • When: 1/26/2018
  • QIC: Total Package
  • The PAX: Total Package, El Abogado, Private Ryan, Spud, Homeland, Hipbone, Hops, Goonie

4 Mile Run
With Assorted Pain StationsWarm up:
Jog around ASEC doing high knees, butt kickers, karaoke,
Circle up at lower parking lot
SSH x 20
Air squat x 20
Hamstring Stretch
Mountain Climbers x 20
The Thang
4 Mile Run with pain stations
Indian Run to Station #1
Pain Station #1 @ physical plant parking lot
IST’s x 20
Peter Parkers x 20
Arm Circles
Indian Run to Station #2
Pain Station #2 @ Beverly Hills Park
Dips x 20
Decline Merkins x 20
Indian Run to bottom of Palaside Drive hill next to school
Pain Station #3
Pursuit run up hill to Station #4
Each man spaced out at 15 yd intervals. Object is to catch man ahead of you. If you do, he does
two burpees!
Pain Station #4 @ Uhwarrie Bank
WW2’s x 20
Low Flutter

Windmill Merkins x 10 each side
1 minute plank
Brazillians x 20
Run to station #5
Station #5 @ Wilmar Church
Burpees x 5
Diamond merkins
Run back to ASEC
Mosey to Mary at ASEC
Superman stretch
Alternating superman stretch
Cobra into childs pose into low shoulder stretch
1. Eight hearty Pax defeated the fartsack and gathered on a chillier than expected 20 degree
morning at ASEC for a much needed 4 mile run with pain stations. A very chatty bunch
today, much like schoolgirls at a Justin Beiber concert…..or something like that!
2. It was a routine 4 mile run until we did the pursuit drill at the bottom of Palaside Drive hill.
We all spaced out about 15 yards apart and Private Ryan caught everybody from behind!
He’s the only one who didn’t have to do burpees on the hill, which made him happier than a
camel on Hump Day (from the Geico commercial…….not Q’s joke!) Spud tweaked ankle on
some icy steps but seemed to recover ok. Great turnout at Groundworks on Church Street
and sorry we missed Q source! By the way, Q officially heard it from the Groundworks
manager this morning that El Ab does NOT own part of Groundworks coffee but is seeking
part ownership of a massage parlor in Rowan county staffed by RCCC school of cosmetology
3. Thanks again for a great workout and allowing me to lead today! I appreciate all my F3
Brothers and enjoy our time together.
Moleskin faithfully submitted by Total Package 01/26/19


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