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F3 MeCa | July 19, 2019

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Return to the Half Pipe

  • When: 01/14/19
  • QIC: AstroVan
  • The PAX: Landlord, Osceola, Man Down, Anvil, Trail Mix, Gentle Grizzly, AstroVan

The last official trip to the Half Pipe was April of 2017, so a return trip was long overdue. We left Corvian and turned left onto David Taylor for a warm-up mosey to Governor Hunt. Introducing the F3 Half-Pipe. Run hard up the first hill on Governor Hunt just passed the second light pole on the left, recover back down, run hard up the entrance to Electrolux to the 6th light pole on the right, recover back down. Repeat, and then continue with the 6 all the way up to the Electrolux parking lot.

Head down to the bottom of a series of stairs at the bottom of the parking lot and run up to the top. Down the other set of stairs and Repeat. Head back down to David Taylor. One more time on the half-pipe, pick up the six and head back to the cars.

On your 6 for some stretching … Yes Landlord, stretching is good for you.


– Gremlin this Saturday
– Winter Party next Saturday

– Nice work everyone. Hills suck, but people keep telling me they will make you faster
– Prayer request for Man Down and his family as they prepare for the seemingly imminent passing of his Grandmother. Peace to the whole family


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