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F3 MeCa | January 26, 2021

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  • When: 1/9/19
  • QIC: Rooster
  • The PAX: Fire Chicken, Grandmaster, Gunny, Sir Topem hatt, Red Oak (FNG), Sun Dollar, Backdraft

8 men decided to remove themselves from a warm bed to embrace the suck.

Warmarama –

SSH x 20 IC

Mountain climbers x 10 IC

Hillbilly x 10 IC

The Thang:

Decided we should begin with a reverse Indian run around small island circle, which immediately brought out the boo birds.  Once complete we continued the fun over at Rooster parking lot.  Before starting our planned workout Q felt compelled to pay Gremlin respect with his favorite exercise, line plank bear crawl to opposite side of parking lot as a nod to one of ours.  Not much complaining from Pax but our FNG(Red Oak) surely wishes he brought some gloves at this point.  When we reached opposite side of parking lot everyone walking lunged back for the real workout to begin.

Partner up:

Each pairing must complete the following while one is running suicides:  75 burpee’s, 100 air squats (hand touch the ground for each rep), 125 hand release merkins

Suicide run consisted of running to first parking lot line and back, middle parking lot line and back, 3rdparking lot line and back, then all the way to other end of parking lot and back. Once complete, switch with partner on above mentioned exercises.


Low Dolly

Homer to Marge

Low flutters


Prayers/Announcements:  Sir Tophams M, Firechickens best friends father, Gunny’s friends from work.  Gremlin Signups.


Reverse Indian runs to start always get the blood flowing early.  Someone needs to stop Grandmaster as he will never heal that hamstring if he continues to push hard every workout.  Our new FNG Red Oak may be over 50 but he’s tough as nails and never complained while doing above without gloves.  Firechickens shoulders will hurt after this workout, you can thank me during Kannon Cup on Friday. Backdraft is still old and grumpy, but we did partner together for above so I must be nice.  Clemson Football is King, now need my Cowboys to handle business against the Rams on Saturday. No need for you Panther fans to chime in as your team may have beat Dallas the first game of year, but figured out how to implode the second half of season (great job Cam Newton).  Everyone pushed hard and showed great effort, thanks for posting!!

It’s more than a workout.

Till next time, Rooster

Fire Chicken

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