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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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Hills in Kannon

  • When: 1/7/2019
  • QIC: Fire Chicken
  • The PAX: Chicken Strip, Gunny, Backdraft, Sir Topham, G-Vegas, Trick Daddy

7 men joyfully awoke to yet another dry morning…now 3 in a row if you can believe it, in search of hills for Trick Daddy…and no, he did not request them.

0529ish…G-Vegas doing his best 2018 impression of Chicken Strip arriving dangerously late and we moseyed over and through village park where we found our old lovely and long version of Goldston…had to pause at West A St as many a car was passing by already. Continue up goldston watching Chicken Strip stretch his long legs trying to leave us in the dust…left on Oval and stop at stop sign and run up our other mighty hill known as Oval. At this point Trick Daddy was looking forward to the flatland of Brazil of which he will return soon. Right on loop and QIC had one more Hill in mind and Gunny knew what it was as we inched closer to Vance…now known as suicide hill. We did suicides and it wasn’t fun, as usual, but all lived and we headed back to AO for one last surprise. Sprints…trick Daddy tapped out, to save his ankle, and ran the horseshoe. Pair up and we did 2 approximately 50ish yard sprints and 2 40ish yard sprints. We completed this just in time as Trick finished his first lap around the shoe. Believe we all got in 4-4 1/2 miles. Headed to mary and did some broga stretches since we’re all getting old…even g-Vegas, as we didn’t want to cramp up at work today.

Prayers/announcements: g-Vegas baby momma, Sir Topham’s M, Scarlet’s M and new born, & The Burg. Gremlin signups.

Moleskin: great morning and conversation and complaining along the way but wouldn’t do all of this without my brothers there. Congrats to Chicken strip for running a 15k race this weekend but of course Phidippides had to out do him and do the 30k version of it. 2019 so far has seen that Chicken strip is a new man arriving early as well as g-Vegas having yet to lie about coming to the QIC….it’s still early boys, even the chubbies are still at the YMCA…you gotta at least make it through March before you flame out!

Always an Honor,

Fire Chicken

Fire Chicken

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