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F3 MeCa | July 14, 2020

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4 Pillars

  • When: 01/03/2019
  • QIC: Spud
  • The PAX: Deertick, Indy, Popeye, Frosty, Luthor, Backdraft, Finish Line, Mighty Mouse, Spud.

8 intrepid warriors braved a drizzly downpour to join YHC to price the cost of a good sweat.
Mosey from ASEC parking lot to the first floor of the hospital employee deck for:
SSH x 20 (IC)
IST x 12 (IC)
TP hammy stretch
Arm Circles
Then up the mineshaft to the 3rd floor for:
Le Thing:
I identified 4 pillars of a good F3 workout at each of the 4 corners of the deck.  At each pillar, you have 2 exercises, separated by a trip up the stairwell to the 4th floor, down to the 2nd floor, and back up to the 3rd, then travel to the next pillar.
4 pillars and their corresponding exercises:
Abs: Boxcutters x 10, LBCs x 20 (single count)
Plank exercises: Merkins x 10, Dry Docks x 10
Legs: Squats x 20, Star jumps x 10
Screw the Q: Burpees x 5, Burpees x 5
Repeato until time called and mosey back to ASEC for:
Low flutter x 10 (IC)
Deerticks x 10 (IC)
Short Brogatime
When I saw Frosty tiredly saunter up about 36 hours after adding another member to the family, I knew I had to bring it, or at least have a workout that enabled him to bring it. All pax completed 2-3 rotations and Frosty was well into a 4th when time was called, so I would say mission accomplished.  Lots of reps and a couple of rainy miles thrown in.  Luthor drove by as we were well on our way to the deck, but a thoughtful decision to warm up on the first floor and what must have been some sprint level moseying on his part got him where he needed to be before we headed up the stairs.
The rain was light, but just enough to make things slick, so Q decided to slightly modify the beatdown to keep everything on the 3rd floor rather than battle the elements on the top of the deck.  This caused some minor confusion on the trips up and down the stairwell, but Q was very clear, so will not wear any of the blame there. YHC’s VQ was burpee free, Q had to double down, as there’s always a part of the workout that had the Pax wishing 4 letter words upon the Q, hence the screw you pillar. Indy and Tick said they had to drag themselves to this one since they missed my VQ, so I had to bring the thunder.
Prayers for Frosty’s family addition, Kenneth Gideon, born on New Year’s Day, Congrats!  Also, remember the Gremlin is coming up on 1/19 and a Q is needed to represent Concord, so if you’re willing and able, could be a cool opportunity to lead regional pax and honor a fallen brother.
Coffeteria great as always, some good chatter about the Gremlin and the beginnings of F3.  4 months ago I wasn’t sure if I could finish a workout, let alone lead one, so if you know someone in your life who is battling Sad Clown syndrome, get them up and get them out, there’s nothing better than spending a morning in the gloom with you all.  Humbled to lead.

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