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F3 MeCa | December 4, 2020

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Remembering ASEC Qs of 2018

  • When: 1/1/2019
  • QIC: Catfish
  • The PAX: Private Ryan, Fire Chicken, Mighty Mouse, Total Package, Anvil, Cupid, Spud, Shooter and Loafer

Warm-up: Mosey to Belk lot for 15 SSH, 15 Hillbillies and 2 10 count Hamstring stretch
Workout 1: Light pole suicides
Pax ran suicides to and back light pole 1,2,3,2,1 while doing 20 merkins each time returning to start line.
Workout 2: Partner Legs
Partner total count of 200 Squats and 100 Step-ups at JC Penney entrance. 1 pax does exercise will other runs to grass and back. Continue until exercise complete.
Workout 3: Visitor parking deck AYG, Pax lineup at bottom of ramp 1 and AYG Sprint up slop and jog to opposite side level 2
Workout 4: Let’s play Chase
Same partners, first does 10 WWII while 2nd runs up to level 3 around deck and back down stairs to where we started. First partner tries to catch 2nd. 2nd does his WWIIs if he gets back first.
Workout 5: Rock run and work @ upper lot ASEC. 1 partner does curls with paver while other mosey 40 yds with paver. Pax complete 2 rounds of curls and 1 round of Skull crushers.
Workout 6: Grover’s
Jacob Ladder burpee suicides 2 burpees run lower lot 4 then 6
Workout 7: Pull-ups
Each pax completes 10 pull-ups (Added those for Fire Chicken and Frosty (he wasn’t there))
Mary: 15 J-Lows then some Broga stretches
Moleskin: I was happy to see a 10 count although many fart sacked that should have participated. Hops was posting on slack at 3am so knew he was out. Needs rest for his 2 yr Q tomorrow. Didn’t get to show all the good workouts of 2018 but tried to bring a mix of flavor. I liked we we’re constantly on move but never got to failure. Also modified to keep our backs off ground as didn’t want to be wet. It was more humid than should be allowed in January. Loafer moseyed in late after going to Kannon for a Wednesday workout  Q was glad to see him as he made 10 which allowed for even numbers. Mighty Mouse powered thru after eating a mountain of food last night. Anvil posted to continue his trek to 1000 miles in 2019. He and I are tied at the moment. Spud worked on dance move doing blitz step ups but forgot we had to run shortly after.
Thanks for a great 2018 and a 2019 full of conversation and coffee.

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